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Yesterday was national coffee day,  a day dedicated to coffee.  When people think of LOLZ they associate my blog and I with coffee.  Until August of this year, I posted a photo of my daily coffee.  I “streaked” up to 1000 days of taking a photo and posting it on Instagram.  As with most things in life,  nothing lasts forever and I stopped posting the infamous #coffeeaday at 1000 days. So thank you everyone that wished me “Happy National Coffee Day”…no it’s not my birthday or a day dedicated to me.  No, I didn’t go crazy and drink enough coffee to kill a horse…

I didn’t drink full led coffee everyday (I am known to drink decaf) but I did have some form of coffee everyday. 

It made me think about some interesting benefits of coffee, the history of coffee and just everything about coffee.

First, to answer why I drink decaf:

Not that I feel I need to justify it but I like the flavor of coffee and at 8pm, I don’t want a pot of full led coffee with caffeine.  There is a time and place for decaf coffee because not everyone can have full led.  I’m never embarrassed because I truly enjoy the flavor.

Some fun articles about coffee:

Happy National Coffee Day 

History of Coffee

More History of Coffee

The WEIRDEST coffee experiences (This is so fascinating and interesting)

Weirdest cups of coffee (Coffee poured over cheese is number 1 so you know this will be good)

The most expensive cup of coffee

Coffee and Athletic Performance

Coffee and Athletic Performance (a second and very interesting article)


coffee meme 1

coffee meme 2



Questions for you:

What is your favorite coffee? 

I enjoy wawa coffee (pumpkin spice or the caramel) but the blonde roast starbucks (on the clover) is also good.   Honestly, I sound fancier than I am.

How did you celebrate National Coffee Day? 

I got my favorite diner coffee with my inlaws at the Vincetown Diner.  It was good.


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  1. I used to hate coffee. I didn’t understand why anyone would want to drink it every morning. Then I met my boyfriend and he introduced me to amazing creamers. Now sometimes I want to go to bed early so I can wake up and drink coffee. Right now we use french vanilla naturals creamer but I love the holiday flavors.

  2. I’m more of an iced coffee gal myself. I may or may not have used a BOGO coupon at my local coffee shop by myself yesterday =P I figured two coffees on national coffee day couldn’t hurt.

  3. I really like coffee and like you, I’m pretty no-frills. I will drink gas station coffee and enjoy it because some of them have really good brews and many of ours have whipped topping for it. I don’t drink decaf very much but I would drink it, my mom has to and if you brew it right and get GOOD coffee (not the super cheap stuff), it still tastes fine. I really liked my mocha cinnamon cappuccino yesterday… from the gas station 🙂

  4. I like a nice dark roast with a bit of almond milk in it. I don’t really care for light roasts or sweet coffees. When I want to get fancy, I’ll get plain latte.

  5. I’m not that fussy about coffee as long as it’s decaf. I spent a good proportion of my life completely dependent on caffeine to get me through the day (I wasn’t exhausted from exercise, but just being around other people is enough to burn me out, so all through University I drank obscene amounts of venti soy coffees from Starbucks), so it’s better for me to steer clear of it completely, particularly when it’s meant to be bad for bone density and I have problems with insomnia anyway.

    I do always think of you whenever someone mentions coffee, waffles or pancakes 🙂

  6. I celebrated with just a regular cup of coffee in my keurig. sometimes I will add trader joes coconut cream. Otherwise, anything from starbucks in my favorite 🙂

  7. GAWD, I love coffee so much. Unless I have big nighttime plans, I have to cut myself off at noon or I’ll be up all night. Don’t think there’s decaf anywhere in my apartment actually …

    1. We have so much decaf because we accidentally buy it but obviously don’t go through it as quickly!

  8. I didn’t really get into coffee until after my third child. I always thought it bothered my stomach but surprise, it doesn’t and it was just all the other junk I ate that did. I make a pot every morning for my husband and myself and put full fat coconut milk in it and drink it in a travel mug. Love my coffee, such a comfort.

  9. I was thinking of you on National Coffee Day! What an awesome day, haha. I drink decaf any time I have coffee after like noon. No one likes to be up all night!

  10. Iced coffee, black. BRING IT. My absolute favorite iced coffees are fancy nonsense from Portland and Chicago, but I think a good ol’ Starbucks or Peet’s cup is just fine as well.

    1. I really enjoyed all of the smaller coffee places in Seattle and I would assume (assume) that Portland and Chicago were the same way.

  11. What kind of decaf do you like? I have had a really hard time finding one that doesn’t taste really watery. I would love to find one that’s a decent dupe for the real stuff because too much caffeine makes me feel sick/anxious!

    1. I actually really like starbucks blonde decaf. I find it to be really dark. I also french press decaf occasionally and it makes it really rich.

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