How My Parents Became Proud Owners of a Donkey Named Badonkadonk

Yesterday was national dog day.  While dogs are cute (my parents own two), I’m not really a dog person.  Our landlord said no pets so that is the excuse I use when people ask why we don’t have any dogs.  I like other people’s dogs but I’ve never really wanted dogs of my own.

I tweeted yesterday asking if there was a national pet donkey day because my parents own one of those too.  It seems like everything has it’s own holiday these days, so why not a donkey.

But before explaining the story, let me take a selfie

But before explaining the story, let me take a selfie

Immediately I got multiple responses about the donkey and asking for pictures.  Long time readers know that my parents somehow accumulated a pet donkey but I wanted to spread the joy with everyone.

About 10 years ago, (gosh I feel old now), my parents bought a second home on the Eastern Shore of VA. Unlike where they live now, most of the area is farm land.  They bought it for once both my parents retire to move somewhere peaceful.  The house is beautiful and located right on the water.  There are three houses nearby and a bunch of cornfields.  It’s adorable, peaceful and relaxing.  Neither of my parents are farmers or people that know much about farming.  We’ve always lived in rather populated areas and farming never interested them.


The previous owner of the house was a farmer himself.  He owned a donkey, a pig, two chickens and two goats.  When he moved out, he asked if he could if he could leave the animals there while he found homes for them.  They essentially could live off the land and didn’t need anything (from my parents).  My parents said sure…

The first time I visited the house, I loled and said we should name the donkey: Badonkadonk.  My parents and brothers thought it was funny.  It wasn’t our donkey and we didn’t expect to see him for more than a few more weeks so we did.

Hello ladiez

Hello ladiez

Long story short, the previous owner never came and got his animals.  The pig eventually lived a good life and passed away.  The chickens ran away (hopefully not too far because the Perdue farm is right down the road).  My parents began renting the house out and opted to give the goats away to someone who wanted and could care for them.  Goats are mean creatures and the new tenants had a baby.  After putting an ad on craigslist that said Goats for free, they were given a new home in two hours.

Bandonkadonk still lives strong though. We have no idea how old he is or anything about raising a donkey.  Google provided basic information and he has never had any health scares (We believe he must be over the age of 30). The farmer said they live off the land.  We feed him horse seed as well as the acres of grass he has access too.   He seems to be happy and always loves visitors.


Friday Fun

I find that blog readers are like boyfriends.  As you grow you change the type of blogs you read.  As you grow older, you may or may not date around…If you liked my blog once and now you hate it…well that is what happens.  Or if you are newer reader to LOLZ blog… that is always awesome too.  That is why when I first start reading a blog I love to introduce myself to the author.  They might not care at all (in that case I wonder why am I even reading) or they might comment back.  I always think it is interesting as an author to hear and see who is reading.  I love putting a voice or name with people that read.

So anyways instead of rambling away about training or whatever else, I’ll tell you random fun facts about me that you may or may not already know…Then you can tell me a random fun fact or ten about yourself.

My parents own a donkey.  They bought a second house on the Eastern Shore of VA and the previous owner never took the donkey with him.  There were also chickens, goats and a pig but all since have passed away…the donkey lives strong.

Donkey selfie

Donkey selfie


I didn’t start drinking coffee reguarly until freshman year of college.  When I went to school in upstate NY, I found the winters to be very cold (-30 degrees at some points).  I wanted something warm in my hands so I altnerated between coffee in the morning and hot cocoa or decaf coffee in the evening.

Back in the colds of coffee life.

Back in the colds of coffee life.

DadLOLZ was in the Navy and I grew up partially in the UK, 2 years in Japan and then finally moved to Virginia.  I was born in San Diego, CA though.  I loved moving and traveling as a child.  I saw so many places overseas when I was younger, I hope to see more again.

It’s odd for me to think a lot of people didn’t realize I used to swim.  I swam for 15 years before beginning to run 4 years ago.  I swam the 500/1000/mile in college and quit my senior year.  I had a great time with great friends but my life had moved on.  I did what was best for me and I don’t regret it.  Swimming was a huge part of my life growing up and it will always be memories that last forever.

Swimming the Mile, Can you tell?

Swimming the Mile, Can you tell?

No questions today but tell me a fun fact about you and if you never have introduced yourself…don’t be shy!   

Weekly Life Round Up

I feel like I haven’t posted a lot lately about my life in general in the last week (I know you are pretty bummed), but that is because it has been a roller coaster of a week between my health, my school work and well I guess running and traveling too.  Oh and swimming.  How could I forget that-when I reek of chlorine and it scares away all the fellas.  (At least that is what I keep telling myself)

Anyways let’s just do a brief overview of my week so we can enjoy the humour that is my life.  My parents asked me this morning how my week was and I showed them what I had typed out).  Shoutout to the parents (my first subscribers…).


Monday I went to the hospital for my corneas and then again for having an allergic reaction.  (Which btw, they are feeling a lot better…just sensitive to light…as to why I Have been wearing my stunnah shades).

Tuesday-Nothing too exciting.  All I remember from Tuesday was a test on theoretical model in my theory class.

Wednesday-My laptop broke and I mooned someone.  Here is a vlog for that one.

Thursday-I traveled to VA. That was a good time…minus border patrol stopped me because that particular route has a lot of drug trafficking and I have out of state plates.  Oh well-no big deal, I just sat drinking my coffee and staring at cows while they searched my car.

Friday-I did nothing exciting.  Caught up on blogs for the win.

Saturday was my 10 mile race and I traveled up to the Eastern Shore to see this lil fella.

nom nom nom apples.

What...You don't take myspace style photos with your donkey?

Sunday is now.   I frolicked with my donkey some more and ran away from chickens and roosters.  Nothing too exciting.  Minus this lil guy was pretty creeps and demanding when he ran over with his 20 female followers.  Hell no will I follow a man anywhere…another story for another time.



In athletic related topics:

Running:  46 miles  (I could have hit 50, had I not taken Monday off but health>running

Swimming: 28,000 yards (good heavens that makes me vom just thinking about it)

Next week is going to be a weird week for me.  I’m traveling again, I have a lot of schoolwork (probably forcing me to miss some practices) and I’m also minitapering for my big cross country race in Syracuse, NY! 

So it’s all a toss up.


Question for you:

How was your week?  How is next week looking?


I was tagged in this post about butterflies or something like that by Lactose Free Liz.  True life: In high school I was a fairy type thingy with butterfly wings so this is where it stem from.

Yes of course we always need random pictures on my blog.

1.       Name your favorite color: Yellow!  Yellow is obnoxious.  I am obnoxious.  I’m also partial to red but you didn’t ask for seconds.

Half my outfits are yellow!

2.       Name your favorite song: Fleetwood Mac: Landslide  Listen to this and your soul is soothed.  I have gone seven hour car rides only listening to Fleetwood and not gotten bored.

3.       Name your favorite dessert: Bread Pudding

There are certain things in your life that just deserve a hell yeah.

4.       What wizzes you off? A lot of things.  But people who are just point blank rude or people who cannot be straight up with me.  1. Don’t lie to me because I will find out.  2.  I’m not a naïve idiot.  Anyways.

6.       Favorite Pet? My donkey.  Enough said.

oh haii.

5.        When your upset:  I cry like it’s my job.

7.       Black or White? Black because I spill things like it’s my job.

8.       Your biggest fear? I read this when Tara posted it and it doesn’t shock me that we are similar.  I hate failure.  I hate to let other down weather it be relationships, friendships, running, swimming and generally pleasing people.

9.       Best Feature? My bootaay.  I don’t know where it came from.  I don’t ask questions I just thank the gods for giving me a nonflat butt.  (Do not fear.  I will not post any photos ;))

10.   Everyday Attitude:lolz.  That is all I got for you.

I really do wear this everyday.

11.       What is perfection:Don’t ask me as I don’t have it.  But I would say a balance of life that makes you happy and keeps ya mentally and physically well.

12.   Guilty Pleasure: Dancing at inappropriate times.  But I don’t feel guilty.


Um don't ask. Because I don't know.


Question for you:

Pick a numba any numbaa.

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