Final Shamrock Thoughts

Since I am an avid promoter of Shamrock and J&A races I had to dedicate one last post to this race.  I know a lot of people don’t want to race it because of cost but for everything you receive with the race it is truly one of the best values.

The race directors actually won the road race director of the year award.  (It’s just that good). They truly take care of you and I cannot sing this race enough songs.  If you are in Hampton Roads at another time they also host smaller races that I’ve done (Wicked 10k, Surf and Santa 10 miler, Virginia is for Lovers 14k and the last I haven’t done in October Crawlin Crab 13.1).  Anyways if you are looking for a destination race, looking to race every state or want to come hang out with LOLZ, Shamrock is the race to do it.

This year we got all of the following from the race:

1.       A nice technical (fitted) t shirt
2.       Big medel
3.       Beach towel (every year they do something different…last year it was a fleece blanket)
4.       Post race food handed to you directly after you finished (water, pretzals, shamrock sugar cookie, bananas)
5.       A sweet hat
6.       Free Beer at the end in a huge warm tent. 
7.       The famous Murphy’s Irish Stew
8.       Huge crowd supported flat, fast race course

Shamrock has one of the best race “after parties” across the nation and certainly the best I’ve gone too.  I’ll honestly probably try and go back every single year (because it’s that good).  If you are looking for a flat, fast early spring hlaf marathon or marathon course…give Shamrock a thought.  (but give it a thought quickly because this year the 8k and half sold out!)

These are just my own personal opinions though and I’ll honestly never rave about Shamrock enough.   Thank you to Jerry and Amy for hosting such a fun and fantastic race.  I really hope to see more of you there next year.  So yes go sign up.  

Here are some more race reports from Shamrock.  I can’t get enough of race reports and finding new bloggers so I hope you don’t either! 

Oiselle Meet up Report 

Half Marathon:

LOLZ Race report 1:25.29

Kellie Race Report (1:35.56)

Danielle Race Report (1:41.39)

The Fit Petite (J&A Ambassador)

Kristy (J&A ambassador) 2:03.19

*I also love this post Kristy wrote about dedicated to her friends and family.  Truly lovely! (Kristy is one of the nicest, most genuine people you will meet or read her blog) 

 Dolphin Challenge (8k and half marathon)

Lauren Race Reports

Question for you: What is your favorite race? 


  1. Beach towel is such a cool idea from a beach race! I think deep down I’m dedicated to pittsburgh races so I love the pittsburgh marathon/half. This year, I’m doing the relay which is something new for me!

  2. Sounds like how I feel about the RunWaterloo races, in particular the ENDURrun. Great directors, great food, great support, great people.

  3. I agree completely. There are tons of expensive races that aren’t worth it but every J&A race is fantastic. I wear my Shamrock hoodie ALL THE TIME and my youngest uses the Shamrock blanket too. They always have the most thoughtful post race gifts.

  4. Thanks for the tag 🙂 This was my first year running Shamrock and I fell in love! I will be doing it again. I’ve already signed up for Crawling Crab this fall so I’m sure another J&A race won’t disappoint

  5. Thanks for the tag! I pretty much love any J&A Races, but I will say that the Shamrock weekend (no matter what race you complete) is pretty awesome! I’m looking forward to Crawlin Crab!

  6. My favorite has been Columbus but mostly because I love the town rather than the race being over the top exceptional. I’m running it again this year but also signed up for some races I’ve never done so I’m hoping one of those will be a fun new find 🙂 I’ll be at Shamrock next year most likely now that I’ll be back in VA!

  7. Beach towel? I want to run this race next year. It’s really rare for race goodies/treats to be good except for very large races these days. This race sounds pretty great in that regard.

  8. That’s neat that they do a gift like a beach towel or blanket. Medals are nice (and yeah, I see that they offer that too), but I love receiving something that I can actually use. One of the race series’ here gives out beach towels and it is great since we have so many beaches around CHS.

  9. You know your enthusiasm about Shammrock makes me sooooo want to run it Hollie! I actually have two favorite races. Despite my heart being broken by poor performances I absolutely love running Gasparilla. I also love 26.2 with Donna. It is by far the best race I’ve ever been a part of. Annnnnd as a side note, I was just reading Runner’s World News and I see that you have a new Oiselle teammate. I hear she is pretty speedy too … ummm … I hear her name is Kara Goucher or something like that hahaha lol 😛

  10. Thanks for some new blogs to read. I love the Shamrock! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but the Shamrock is one of my favorites for the half, and all the goodies!

  11. I am with you 100% Hollie! This race is my favorite. I love seeing so many faces I know…I even ran into two high school classmates this year. Next year I am hoping to try the full to experience a different perspective (I’ve run the half twice).

  12. I have been reading about the st patricks day races. Here in St Louis we have a great race that is always a good time. I will say the rock in roll 1/2 marathon that ran through my neighborhood was my favorite race so far

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