All of the Diners

Something I have been wanting to do for quite some time is create a page dedicated to diners.  It’s not a big secret that one reason I love living in New Jersey is the availability of diners.  Nothing beats the glorious taste of coffee and an omelet after a run.

Diners in NJ are different than most states.  Some diners have high quality dinners that you would never expect, costing upwards of 20 dollars per meal (that are worth it!).  They even rival a fancy restaurant.  So without further ado whenever I visit a new diner I’ll blog about it.  It seems natural since my hobbies include running and going to diners.

With over 100 diners in NJ, it appears I have my work cut out to me.  I will be judging diners on all of the following categories (that are important to me personally):

Atmosphere: Is it an old timey diner, cute little train care feel, is a fancy upscale diner?

Coffee: I always have to try coffee at diners, it can make or break the meal.

Cost: Is it expensive?  Is it worth the cost?  NJ diners are either very upscale restaurants or they are cheap, inexpensive quick meals.  As long as the food is worth the cost then I’ll be happy.

Food: Because I go there for a reason.  It’s either good or bad, enough or not enough.  I’m a runner and I like to eat.

Dessert: If applicable.

Overall standard: Will I go back?

**I’m not a foodie and these are my personal opinions.   My education did not prepare me to review NJ diners and this is all from personal experience.  You might have had a completely different experience and I would love to hear that too.  This just seemed like a fun and relevant thing to my life.  If you are a NJ diner and want me to come visit, let me know!


New Berlin Diner

Town & Country Diner

Browns Mills:
Three Brothers

Cherry Hill:
Silver Diner (healthy chain)

East Windsor:
Americana Diner 

Edison Diner 

Park Nine Diner

Haddon Township:
Crystal Lake Diner 

Diamond Diner

Somerset County:
Somerset Diner

Southampton Township:
Pandora Diner

Vincentown Diner (This is my favorite!)

Garden State Diner-Restaurant


Questions for you:

What is your favorite food to get at a diner?
If you have been to a NJ Diner, which is your favorite?

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  1. I love this, when we lived in England we did this with all the pubs 🙂 I’ve never been to a NJ diner but I love getting milkshakes at a diner, and pancakes if it’s breakfast time.

  2. I grew up in Jersey and every time I go back I need three things: a real pizza, a real bagel, and a trip to my local diner 🙂

  3. All these diners bring back such great memories. Tons of my family is in Jersey, and we always visit a few while we’re there in Denville, Morristown, and Hackettstown. 🙂

  4. I love this post. I grew up in NY(the State) where there are also a lot of diners. I moved to another state that basically had 1. I could tell the difference.

  5. I love diners!! I am obsessed with Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and my family always tries to visit one of those restaurants featured when we are traveling.

  6. I almost always get breakfast at diners. You can’t beat it!

    I’ve lived here all my life and I still don’t know my favorite NJ diner. Possibly Edison? Possibly Somerset? Possibly the Marlton Diner? Or Silver Diner? So many good ones!

    Just, whatever you do, don’t go to the Medport Diner in Medford. Ever. You need to trust me on this. Don’t do it. Please.

    Luckily, Olga’s closed so I don’t need to warn you about that one.

  7. You got me thinking so I had to count…. 20! I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing…. 🙂 Golden Touch Diner
    Park Place Diner
    Whippany Diner
    Brookside Diner
    Ritz Diner
    Tick Tock Diner
    Somerset Diner
    Fountainbleu Diner
    Versailles Diner
    Bridgewater Diner
    Lukas Diner
    Empire Diner
    The Original 6 Brothers Diner
    Colonial Diner
    Lido Diner
    Peter Pan Diner
    Eagle Rock Diner
    Nautilis Diner
    Tiffany Diner
    Randolph Diner

  8. I for real love this idea! When I drive to VA this summer I’ll make a detour and we can do a diner visit. Deal?

  9. This is a great idea! I live in Boston but am kind of obsessed with breakfast and would travel far to experience a diner. There are good ones around here but I totally appreciate and trust a runner’s review of diners. Can’t wait to read your reviews. Were there links to the reviews that I am missing?

  10. Favorite diner food is definitely eggs. I haven’t been to a diner in NJ that I can remember clearly (maybe in college, but I can’t remember the name anyway). Have been to lots in NY, though. We should visit The Grill in Great Bridge the next time you’re in town, you will LOVE it.

  11. Obviously, I endorse Americana.
    I like to see a wide selection of pies (because when I think “diner”, I think pie.) My favorite diner in DC has great pies, and so does the diner in Pittsburgh I mentioned. If you come over to Fair Lawn, I’ll take you to the diner in the nearby city. I have yet to try it!

  12. I miss diners so much! We have great ones in Philly :). Virginia Beach, not so much. I’m a pancake or tuna melt girl, depends on the time.

  13. Having been born and raised in NJ (moved away when I was 16) I loved the diners and was shocked to discover that other state’s notion of diners didn’t even come close. It must be the reason I like Jerry’s Deli in Los Angeles, because it’s the closest thing I can get out here that remotely compares to a Garden State diner.

  14. breakfast at diners is the best in my opinion. I agree with the coffee as well – it can make or break the meal. Also if they have some sort of dairy-free milk they win a big gold star in my book (I don’t like black coffee). I can’t wait to hear about your adventures in diner-land!

  15. I totally agree with you about post run omelet and coffee. And there’s actually a really good diner in Princeton I’ve been to! I think it was the Princetonian Diner. I don’t remember much about the food, only that the people there were really awesome for accommodating like 30 members of my running club after a cross country race at Princeton.

  16. Seriously, I could cry because of how much I wish I could do this with you. I wish we lived closer to each other because this would be SO much fun. I’ve wanted to this for a while and not only would it get me out of the house and plump me up (hellllllllo, pancakes), it would just be… ten times more fun with a friend 🙂

  17. This is a great post and I am looking forward to all of the reviews. You are really far away from both of these diners but they are MUST-VISTS!!!

    Clifton: Tick Tock Diner (former manager was indicted for hiring a hit man LOL – Sopranos style)
    Lakewood: Athena’s Diner
    Summit: Summit Diner (it is an old rail car, so freaking cool)

  18. I really want to join you on your diner tour. Eating is one of my favorite past times, and diners are the most fun! Sadly, TX is lacking.

  19. There aren’t to many diners in my part of Florida but I usually like to try pancakes and shakes when I do get to go to diner. Diners are kinda like a post race treat for me

  20. That sounds so fun! I wish we had more the only ones I’d consider Diner’s around are Waffle House haha and its not even a diner!

  21. MASTORIS. also Golden Dawn, i think there are 2 locations (1 in PA, 1 in jerz maybe?). ugh i miss diners…sometimes the west coast sucks :/

  22. This sounds so fun! Can’t wait to read your reviews! I actually just heard a statistic on the food network that New Jersey is the state with the most diners. How crazy is that considering how small it is!

  23. I love this idea! And diners. If I am ever in NJ I’ll be sure to check on your reviews!

  24. I’ve been to Silver Diner in Cherry Hill, hit all of the high marks that I look for in a diner. I’m sure I’ve been to others in Jersey, but not recently. We have very few diners in Mass, but plenty of overpriced cafes… it’s not cool.

  25. Whoa I had no idea diners in NJ were so hardcore! I loveeeeeeeeeeee diners…usually for breakfast (omelets and hashbrowns the size of your head) but sometimes for a greasy grilled cheese or tuna melt. yum!

  26. OMGoodness, WHEN you come to Pittsburgh, I have got the diner for you! It’s next door to our building, and it’s amazing. There are a few that are more popular in Pittsburgh, but this one is the best. It tastes like your mom’s cooking more than eating out. Yum, now I want to eat there.

  27. If you’re ever in New Haven, CT, I’d love to take you to Louis’ Lunch, birthplace of the hamburger and the oldest hamburger restaurant still in business. Sadly, I have never been there?? What is wrong with me.

  28. Dude you NEED to compile this list…me and my mate have sworn to tackle a diner a day in 2015….nowhere else can you get a plateful of food for an amazing price with (potentially) decent quality. I personally love the turkey dinners with baked potato and veg…boring but so good. Or the option for breakfasts for dinner.

  29. So many diners, so little time! I love diner breakfast food. Omelets are the best, and I usually order a chocolate chip pancake on the side too. 🙂

  30. I’m obsessed with diners! They make the very best omelets. I’m looking forward to reading your series!!!

  31. Looooooveeeee this idea!
    I have no idea why, but reading about places with character, like diners, it interesting. While I adore eating at great restaurants, reading about them isn’t as interesting.
    Diners break that mold.

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