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It’s no secret there are few brands that I would want a “sponsorship” or to represent.  Actually two running brands come to mind.  There is also always Wawa Gas Station Coffee but for some reason I don’t think they sponsor runners.   In the beginning of the summer Oiselle announced that they would be taking new birds to their flock.  Ever since falling in love with the brand a few months prior I was all over that.

(In fact I could very well have been the first person to apply). 

So after realizing I had roughly two months to do summer activities I let that simmer in the back of my mind.

So why Oiselle?

First, it’s no secret they do make some of the cutest running clothes.  Long sleeves with fingerholes, their runderwear doesn’t ride up my butt and the scarf that I own goes to work with me more then stilettos.  Oh and their sports bra (that strappy bra) is one of the few that I feel comfortable running in without my goods broadcasted.

No goods.

When I first started talking to Jen nearly 6 months ago (wow), I immediately knew how down to earth and great she was.  She asked one day if I wanted to run together not mentioning the fact that she was a 16:XX 5ker.  Just casually run while she is pregnant.  I was completely floored when I started asking her about races, PR’s ect. Every female I have come across from their race team is like that.  They are nice, modest and truly inspirational females and I wanted immediately to be apart of that.  I wanted to be apart of a community that had similar interests to me (running, life, ect) as well as a similar mantra.

When I was accepted yesterday I was completely thrilled that I will join such a great group of women and hopefully take my running to a new level.  In a period where I cannot tell you where I’ll be in the next few months (VA…Texas…who knows), I know that country wide I’ll be able to find some local birds. I cannot wait to represent Oiselle.

Fueledbymush today

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  1. Congratulations darling! So proud to be your teammate and Jen’s too. (haha, she told me she’d be chatting with one other gal who applied… now I know who! It’s such a small world!!) xo

  2. I saw your tweet yesterday and then saw the tweet for this blog and knew what it was about, but I wanted to wait until you announced here… congratulations on being on the team :). I hope you enjoy it and I agree, any kind of sponsorship is great (I too would love if some form of coffee sponsored me as I drink it constantly). Even the entry fees my store pays are a big help because races, clothes, etc, really add up! Plus Oiselle is a pretty cool brand, they seem to embrace all runners and not just ones that are super fast, as their ambassador program is open to anyone to apply. I really like that, it just makes their running team seem so “real life” :). Congratulations on the sponsorship and a great brand too!

    1. I really like how real life and approachable the women are. I have talked to quite a few already ambassadors and that is what drew me in. Thanks Amy!

  3. Congratulations! That is seriously so exciting! I love their clothes too but I haven’t bought anything from there (yet). You will be a great addition to the team!

  4. Congratulations! Very exciting news! I love Oiselle clothes. I wear the Lesko bra (and love it) but have heard amazing things about the strappy. It will be my next purchase.

  5. Nice work! It makes me realize my dream of being sponsored by Budweiser is possible! Seriously – congrats!!

  6. Congrats! I agree with you that their ambassadors are very down to earth and sweet girls. However, I can’t seem to get past the CEO of that brand. She openly bashed Athleta on twitter months ago for having an ad with a girl wearing a skirt and having her hair down. Like, I get that might not be everybody’s “thing” but I think it was really uncalled for and does not represent Oiselle well and what the company apparently stands for.. Also, I have a friend who runs for them and posted a pic on IG and there just so happened to be another brand in the photo – and Sally left a comment like, “wow. cool shirt.” Idk, like I said… the girls are totally sweet. However the CEO seems like a real bully/mean girl if you ask me.

    1. I’m going to chime in on this one. I also agree that the ambassadors are an AMAZING bunch, so kind, so supportive, even now that I’m not on the team they’ve been nothing but sweet. So, Hollie, you are in fantastic company and you’ll fit right in, congratulations on being chosen!
      I’m going to risk a backlash here to tell some things I haven’t talked about before (and honestly I’m nervous about because Sally has some clout over the blog world, and I really really like some of the other folks involved with the company, plus Seattle is a very small community… but I’d rather this side be told than continue to be quiet about it)…. I have to agree with Courtney, I find the CEO to be passive aggressive (recently tweeting something snarky about shoe companies’ apparel with the #sorrynotsorry hashtag). I personally have had the experience of being “bullied” (for lack of a better word) by her while on the team (the first time I literally didn’t get it because I don’t speak passive aggressive, I’m from Jersey, we say it like it is) and then a second time, again on twitter, which was followed up by the team captain via email, who reprimanded me and gave me an ultimatum. I left the team after that and I’ve been quiet about this for over a year. Their rules are their rules for sure, but at the time there was not an exclusivity provision that is now in place. So I warn you and other ladies to know what you agreed to. It was embarrassing and sad, and I was so confused when I left; I’d hate for it to happen to anyone else, make sure to read your contract carefully and ask questions before attending events held by other brands. Sigh, let the pitchforks rise…

      1. Oh no, Meg. I’m so sorry that happened to you. /: I wonder how many other gals who represent her brand she bullies. That makes me sad because every Oiselle gal I have met has been so sweet. These ladies deserve better than to be “run” by some bully. She does not set a good example and I’m sure her acting like that won’t do well for her later on.

        I actually know of running stores that won’t carry Oiselle because of the way she chooses to act/treat people/insult other brands.

      2. Your problem is that you’re not a marshmallow, Meg. You weren’t willing to take her shit.

        Hollie, enjoy your ambassadorship!

  7. Yay!!! I’m so happy for you girl! And it makes me glad you will be able to find people wherever you are in this world that will make moving and adjusting so much better. I’ve never seen their clothes, but I tend to get my work out clothes from target lol

  8. HOLLA!!!
    I love that we were talking about this on Monday and now you are running for them!! Like I told you – they are lucky to have you as you are a great role model for woman runners 🙂

  9. CONGRATS!!! I dont know if you know brennan (yum run blogspot) but she just got in too! You guys are both so speedy and deserving!

  10. YAY YAY YAY! you hit the nail on the head about why this company is so amazing. Inspiring and all ranges of awesome ladies 🙂 I’m happy to be your teammate! 🙂

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