Independence Day 5k

For the last three weeks prior to this race, I was severely bloated which makes running suck.  Sometimes for no real reason, my blood sugars decide…hey now let’s cause your body to retain about 10-15 pounds of water.  Nevermind that you finally get to race a 5k or nevermind that running bloated stinks when you can’t fit into your spanx.  So that was where I was at starting this race.

I wasn’t really in the mood to run let alone race, but being on a budget and paying for races…you pay for things and you do them.  Moving on, dad and I got there around 6:30 for the 7:30 start.  I warmed up for a couple of miles and found remote air conditioned trailer porta potties.  So it was already a win even if I ran a personal worst.

I made it to the start where I saw Kris L looking cute and fast as always.  Whenever I see her at races I make sure to get a good (not creepy glance) and chat so that when she is a famous elite, I can you know…say I used to line up at races and chat with her.  Then of course there were all the other sweaty people.  The start of summer races down here are always one big stinky humid mess.

And then the race started.  My legs seemed to know what to do though my water belly girgled a bit.  Sloshing through mile one, I started at roughly the 5th place female…at first I was upset and then I remembered…derp this is essentially how you start all your races.  Hopefully you’ll pick it up…Looking back, I hit my first mile at 5:32.  You can scroll to the side and see my mile PR is 5:31.  So that’s that.

The just kept going and chugging through.  Around mile 2 (6:09), I saw I had somehow made it to third overall (female) and was right behind a pack of cross country boys.  All who probably thought I was a high school female and were not having me break through their pack.  Dumb.

The last mile actually went by really quickly for once.  I didn’t die, (I was slowing down) but I didn’t feel like I was going into cardiac arrest, which is always a nice feeling when you are running.  Between mile 2-3, they were passing out all sorts of things on the course…necklaces…American flags…so I attempted to take some and put it in my hair but they fell out.  I looked really good I’m sure.  (6:11).

We made the final 180 turn (there were 3 in this 5k) and headed back to the finish line.  They actually do videos on this road race so you can see me awkwardly finish if you are into that sort of thing…since I didn’t get any photos.  I just powered through to the end where I promptly went over to the “chill zone” ie a tent with misting water.

Another 5k in the exact perimeters of 19:03-19:10.  Rain, shine, wind, 90 degrees, long course, short course…I am in that 7 second window.  One day I’ll break 19:00 minutes again.

Questions for you:

Did you race July 4th?

How was your July 4th