Empire Brewery Review

There are a few highest honors you can have in my life.  A very important one is meeting my dad.  My dad isn’t scary and I don’t really know why people are intimidated by him…actually he downright hilarious.  Last week I begged Laura to come to dinner with dad and I before she left for the Cleveland marathon and I left for VA(which she rocked…you can read about it here).


We settled on a local brewery at Empire Brewery in downtown Syracuse.   They make their own beer and have some of the best and most delicious bar type of food I’ve had to date.  I’ve been a few times (as to why I can write a proper LOLZ review) and gotten the Mediterranean platter, Greek salad, and feta chicken flatbread…

The reason I like their salads so much as not only do they add a ton of actual food (I’m actually not still hungry after eating), there is pita bread (+1 point), I can get multiple dressings (+1 point) and they have couscous in the salad (+1)…Not sure what these points are adding up too but it’s my review and I’ll add points if I want.


The main thing is the food filled me up and tasted good.  Oh and wasn’t expensive.  It might be a little bit of a lie if Laura and I hadn’t discussed the dessert options beforehand so that is that.  We settled upon each getting a sundae made from a special dark beer (similar to Guinness).  Wow, this was probably one of my favorite ice creams to date.  It wasn’t like beer overload but it had all the deliciousness of beer and ice cream combined.


Then dad shocked the world and ordered a cheesecake.  He said it was “for the blog” (my dad routinely makes fun of my blog) and he also has absolutely not sweet tooth at all.  The cheesecake was also deliscous but left to my own I would (and next time I come to Syracuse) will get the sundae again.


So would I recommend Empire Brewery?  Well if you can’t tell I don’t generally write restaurant reviews unless they have become a LOLZ staple.  (Though I know eventually I’ll write a snarky one) I think I should make a review tab at this point.  Oh and yes I would recommend Empire and I would say go big and get the sundae too.

Questions for you: Favorite flavor of ice cream?  Favorite beer? 


  1. Totally agree with what you said about the salads at Empire Brewery – I love that they had some substance to them and came with some carbs. Usually if I order a salad at restaurants I ask for bread on the side, otherwise it’s just not filling enough.

    I wish I had ordered the sundae while I was there though! My favourite flavour of ice cream is this candy cane chocolate chunk ice cream that is only sold around Christmas – it’s the best!

  2. I really like Heath Toffee frozen yogurt or cookies and cream when it comes to ice creams. But yours looks delicious, I’m not a beer fan but we would go there if we were ever in the area just bc my husband likes breweries and beer!

  3. BTW we have beer milkshakes at the baseball games here (not that I’ve ever been to one, since hubs hates it and we have good food without having to deal with a baseball game). And, I love salads with some carbs and protein in them!

  4. People are intimidated by my dad too and I don’t get it. He’s like the opposite of what you expect a dad to be like aka not scary at all. Anyways, I really like your outfit in the picture of you and Laura! Since I can’t even handle the smell of beer I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be a fan of the ice cream. Cookies and cream for me

  5. After seeing your facebook status about your dad singing Beyonce, it’s pretty clear that I MUST meet him. We would get a long great lol! and BEER SUNDAE FLOATS ARE THE BEST! I like to make beer floats with Blue Moon hahaha.

  6. Yes! There’s a cherry on top of your sundae!! That’s like the kiss of legitimacy, right there. I don’t think I’ve ever had a beer flavored ice cream, and since allergies kind of get in the way of me enjoying most of the good ones, I’m going to have to be boring here and go with a classic vanilla bean as being my favorite flavor. Either that or cookies ‘n cream… which is still basically vanilla.

  7. I’m always a fan of sundaes specifically if peanut butter is involved in them. I’ve never had beer flavored ice cream??? I’m trying to imagine how this tastes but I can’t bring ice cream and beer together lol. You’re definitely a mediterraneon lover with all the Greek salads and feta cheeses 🙂 My dad is so quiet in public and people are intimidated by him, too.

  8. I was so excited to meet your dad you always talk about him so much and you are both seriously awesome people! 🙂 That Sundae has been on my mind since we had it, I want another one…like now!

  9. I actually spit my gum out at the “for my blog” part. I’d be down to volunteer for desserts for a blog.

  10. Beer ice cream sounds interesting! I like ice creams with caramel, cookies, and sprinkles in it. The more dessert the better! That’s so cute that your dad wanted to create a feature in your blog 🙂

  11. Your dad is sweet! 🙂 And Yay for ordering cheesecake! I would probably get a cheesecake too. I’d choose it over any kind of desert 🙂 Hmmm. 🙂

  12. Ahhh, another CNY hotspot! I’ve never been to Empire Brewery, but my uncle absolutely loves it. My dad gives me a hard time about my blog, too. Whenever we eat out, he always asks if I want to take a picture of his meal, lol.

  13. I want to try this place!!! That guiness float sounds pretty rad! My favorite flavor of ice cream is pistachio or mint chocolate chip. Unfortunately I can’t have it or most beers because of my recently diagnosed food intolerances.

    so. sad. 🙁

  14. A beer sundae? Wholly cow wow. Now you know I would actually get this right? (referencing our Wednesday convo, how many here would ACTUALLY get it if they had the chance… I like your points on the salad too, the more points the better the salad. lol I have never been to a brewery, but I want that to change

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