“Spring” Oswego Times

If you missed first semester’s post you can you know…look at that here…but after a nice relaxing January back at home, I came back to Upstate NY to continue working.  It was weird having a break but not going to school and just working.  Alas working on a college campus as someone not a higher up I suppose.  This post is more picture heavy because it’s easier that way…who wants to read 1000 words about my life…not you.

I had moved out of my old place on campus and with one of my fellow coworkers Danielle and a couple of other girls.  So not being alone had it’s advantages.  I really want to take this time to dedicate how much Danielle helped me through this semester.  She was always there to listen to my musings and chat with me when I was mentally struggling (which was a lot mind you).


Coming back was a big mental struggle, not because I hated Oswego (that much) but mostly because I came back to doing this every morning.  Shoveling my car out took at least 30 minutes.  Every. Single. Morning.

This is snow.
This is snow.

In the early part of the semester I found out I had been accepted to run the Lake Effect Half marathon.  (it had been sold out for quite some time) which was the motivation my running needed after some lackluster races while at home.

Can't forget about the Russian Headwarmer now can we?
Can’t forget about the Russian Headwarmer now can we?

The race was awful and the snowfall and ice made for an intense race.  However, something good came out of it and I met Heather who became one of my closest running friends.

Heather and I
Heather and I
Then a clash of the titans last weekend when we all did the 5k!
Then a clash of the titans last weekend when we all did the 5k!


On the other running note, I also became close very close with Laura who I have spent several weekends going to visit.  (Duh-you’ve seen her on the blog several times).


I am also really glad I was able to get lunch so often with Jessica and Jackie.  Jackie, my sophomore year college roommate who I’ve chatted about quite frequently also had a younger sister Jessica who went to school on campus.  We have quickly become really close as well and naturally I would become closer with her roommate too.


Work was a lot of fun in the spring too as I was given multiple opportunities to go to conferences and interact more with students.  Though I look like a student and am only a few years older than most of them, it’s hard to separate myself and remember…no you are not a student just staff.  That is something I struggled with a lot working on a college campus.   I’m honestly still in a bit of disbelieve that I’m not exactly a student anymore and technically I am in the “real world”.

This is an presh photo of a coworker and I eating chicken wings at a conference.
This is an presh photo of a coworker and I eating chicken wings at a conference.

So cliffnotes version of the Spring.  The semester I didn’t think I would come back…it was a great time.

I made so many new friends and became closer with so many different people who I will truly miss.

I enjoyed work to the fullest.

As I tell everyone that asks, I don’t hate Oswego or upstate NY is the slightest…however, Upstate NY does not give me all the opportunities I need to further myself in my life.

Will I miss my friends, coworkers and job?  Absolutely.

Am I nervous to make yet another new change in my life? Absolutely.

But with all changes you must eventually plummet and go for them.

Question for you: What has changed in your life since January?