Mac and Cheese Waffle

Mac and Cheese Waffles

Mac and cheese waffles might be one of my most unique recipes to date. If you asked me five years ago, would I create a mac and cheese waffle, I would have laughed.

But the mac and cheese waffle brings in a “blogging” favorite.  I say blogging favorite because I feel a lot of people try and healthify mac and cheese.

Mac and Cheese Waffle Recipe: 


Mac and Cheese Waffle Ingredients:

2/3 cup flour (all-purpose flour, wheat)

1 egg

½ cup milk

1 tablespoon oil

1 cup cooked mac and cheese (with the cheese already added in)

I also added garlic and extra cheddar cheese. 

A few other ingredients you could add cheese sauce, hot sauce, or even bread crumbs.

Extra cheese to top it

Mac and Cheese Waffle Recipe:

  1. If you haven’t make sure to cook macaroni before making the macaroni and cheese waffles.
  2. Preheat, a waffle maker
  3. Mix all dry ingredients in a large bowl
  4. Add wet ingredients (including mac and cheese) together and mix in a separate mixing medium bowl.
  5. Add dry ingredients to the wet ingredients.
  6. It will take extra strength to stir the mac and cheese waffle batter together. Mac and cheese is thick.
  7. Pour waffle batter into waffle iron and cook until golden brown. Pour less mac and cheese waffle batter than you think you’ll need because the mac and cheese waffle will expand. You’ll also want to cook on high heat.
  8. After cooked, put on a plate and add a layer of melted butter, maple syrup, or even ore mac and cheese.


Then walaa, your mac and cheese waffle will be golden. Literally, because all of these ingredients are golden. 

To be honest, when this idea first popped into my head, I didn’t even know how to take it.  Would I like a savory Mac and cheese waffle?

I’ve enjoyed using leftover mac and cheese for a mac and cheese waffle. Finding the leftover mac and cheese can be the most challenging!

Questions for you:

Do you like Mac and cheese?  Do you healthify it?

Are you a foodie? 

I am a dining out foodie.  I like to eat interesting new foods when I’m out to eat…but cooking…I can only cook breakfast.


  1. Yum. Mac and cheese is my favorite food and waffles are one of my favorite breakfast foods. I’ve never thought to put them together. I’ve heard of mac and cheese pancakes and I was skeptical but I feel like I would like it for a good dinner meal. I may have to try that…that’s about as adventurous as I get.

  2. In my mind, mac & cheese isn’t supposed to be healthy, and the reason it tastes so good is because of the cream, butter, and cheese that goes into it! Why mess with something like that??

  3. That is kinda crazy. You should open a waffle shop probably. People would dig it. Mac n cheese is delicious, although dairy doesn’t seem to like that much right now sadly.

  4. Haha you are so creative! I LOVE Mac n Cheese. I have a couple of “healthy” versions I’ll make, but sometimes if I’m really craving the real thing, I’ll make it the “traditional” way. It all depends on what I’m craving. This sounds heavenly though!

  5. I think the only “healthified” mac and cheeses that are good are the ones which still have some full fat cheese in them. Some people try to put like cottage cheese in it… just no.

  6. Mac & cheese is my favorite thing to eat. You make so many amazing waffles I cant decide which ones I want you to make on our awesome weekend coming up soon! 🙂

  7. I love mac and cheese. Actually… KD is probably what kept me alive through most of my late teens and early twenties. Back then, the thought of healthifying it didn’t even cross my mind, and while I’ve tried some healthier versions that taste pretty good for what they are, they definitely don’t come close to the real thing.

  8. That is amazing! LOL. I like mac n’ cheese and always add some chicken and broccoli into it. Yum! I love food, so I think I’m a foodie b/c I will try anything….but I don’t cook like one. That’s what the hubs is for!

  9. Omg stop! Genius idea- I love Mac and cheese and this snoozed between a waffle sounds fantastic. Now if I get the guts to make it myself is the question 🙂

  10. Mac’n’cheese waffle, eh?? Hmmmmmm. I adore mac’n’cheese but hardly ever eat it since I refuse to eat a healthified version. You don’t mess with a classic. It’s supposed to be full of ooey-gooey trans fat cheese, butter and refined pasta. YUM!

  11. Mac and cheese Waffle!!! MMMmmmmm!!! I love mac n cheese and I see a lot of alternatives to make it. And yours is definitely the most unique!

  12. WHAT. what. This is a work of genius. A mac-and-cheese waffle?!? I can’t tell you the last time I had mac and cheese (sooo hard to find a good GF version) but I feel like I would love this. I think my Dad would be even more obsessed with it….well Mondays are my night to cook dinner now so next week….I think I’m gonna bust this out.

  13. I have to admit, I am skeptical of this mac and cheese waffle idea, but I trust you when you say it’s delicious. When I’m worried about being healthy, I try to make mac and cheese with whole wheat macaroni and low fat cheese. But, mac and cheese is often my “naughty” treat for being good and I try to really enjoy things when I indulge, saturated fat and all of the other good stuff.

  14. I have not had mac n cheese in the longest time. That is very sad for me. I used to eat easy mac everyday as a kid and it was delicious! This has inspired me to find some mac n cheese in my life, maybe it will incorporate a waffle lol. who knows!

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