Training Musings
Monday: Off
Tuesday:   Off
Wednesday: 10.5 mile run treadmill (8:45 pace)
Thursday: AM: 10.4 mile run (8:37 pace)
PM: 6.26 Tempo Run (7:20 pace)
Friday: 10.4 miles easy
Saturday: 11.53 miles outdoors easy
Sunday: 15 miles 
When you take photos of treadmill are more badass...duh
When you take photos of treadmill runs…you are more badass…duh

What I didn’t list was my first 20 mile run done last Sunday.  At first glance, you would think that is why I took both Monday and Tuesday off.  In reality that is why I took Monday off, but I got absolutely sick (not running related) on Monday afternoon so I decided to take Tuesday off too.  I’m not really that concerned about it.  I decided to not let this week bother me too much because although my legs are certainly still a little bit achy from my 20 miler, they are recovering.

Also, I’m not going to exercise and make myself more sick.  Running is still a collection of months and years…not just days or single runs.  So what that I skipped 2 days of running…I still survived.

I’ve been doing my tempo runs on the treadmill lately (as well as all my running really).  The weather in Upstate NY stinks and combined with work…I’m not running outside in 15 degree snowy weather.  If you can tell me that you’ll run 10 miles in the dark, snow, and wind (roughly 20 degrees when I wake up without windchill…well you are more badass then me).

day time snow
day time snow

I’m also not running outside at that time when there has been a couple hit and runs in my area.  So what if I’m a baby…I’d rather be a baby and be alive in the summer.

Future thoughts:

Next week I am hoping to have a productive training week of around 75 miles and then the following I’ll be tapering and running the Nike Women’s half  in DC.  Something I wanted to briefly touch base about (with myself at least) is that I peaked entirely too early for Shamrock half last month.  My body was not ready to do a 1:25.  I’m happy yes, don’t get me wrong.  Who doesn’t love a PR in a huge race?  But that being said, I’m not sure at this training peak, I’m ready to repeat that.  Though it’s been over a month, my legs are still not fully recovered.  I’ll still be happy with anything under a 1:30, however.  My main goal is to have a good time and enjoy the time spent with my dad!

Questions for you:

Have you ever peaked too early for a race?

How do you view your training?