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There are a lot of people and bloggers, both where I live in Upstate and VA and around the world I look up too.  A good portion of them I have met in real life…a good portion I have not.  Regardless, I like to read their blogs and try and model a lot of what they do.  Part of the reason I started blogging in the first place was to connect with those that ran, swam, and had similar lifestyles as me…both athletically and not.  The other part that I didn’t really realize some 3 years ago when I started blogging was the amount of people who didn’t have similar lifestyles as myself and that I would end up looking up too.

That being said, I decided to share (with really telling anyone…so surprise!) some of the bloggers I really just look up too.

Laura S.


It’s hard for me to imagine that I’ve literally been talking to Laura for close to two years now.  My where is time going? She supported me through my first running injury (stress fracture), through personal life problems and just anything and everything in between.  Although she doesn’t blog entirely too much she has a very strong social media presence.   She has always been willing to give me advice when I need it, helped me out in tougher (unblogged times) and she is honestly just plain awesome.

Laura A.


I’m so glad that Laura and I connected.  First, she is an incredible runner. (Obviously no secret considering I enjoy driving out to run with her and I never used to run anywhere but outside my front door).  She is such an inspiration to me and has run anywhere from a 5k to a full marathon.  (She is training for a marathon in a few weeks, wish her luck!).  I always enjoy hanging out with her whether running or not, and absolutely love that I can talk to her about anything.

Caitlin (Rose Runner)

Yes, I stole this photo off your blog...I couldn't fly out this week to the west coast to take a photo myself...
Yes, I stole this photo off your blog…I couldn’t fly out this week to the west coast to take a photo myself…

Every time Caitlin posts, I’m literally glued to my screen reading it.  Although we have never met in real life, (please take me to California), I find her extremely inspirational.  She doesn’t post crap, she doesn’t need a coach and she continues to have great runs.  She has the same sort of passion for running, food, blogging and life in general that I do.


Seriously, I was like oh my lanta...a photo with Kris?!
Seriously, I was like oh my lanta…a photo with Kris?!

Kris is an extraordinary runner from VA Beach (ie: my area back home).  Not only that but she is a genuine and inspirational woman.  She has given me advice in numerous occasions (outside of running) and her running and races inspire me every time.  She is actually running Boston in a few days (and I can only hope she PR’s…but I know she will, she has PRed every marathon).



I could write a lot about how inspirational Shannon is.  Shannon has overcome a lot of hard struggles in her life that led her to where she is today.  A dietetics major (which I can’t imagine reading BS on blogs that claim to know about nutrition and learning the real talk in school) and having the actual credentials.  Anyways-she is truly inspirational and really has helped me through a lot. Just to give you an idea of what level we are on, it’s before 6 am…I’m writing this post and we are currently texting.  True story.

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Questions for you:  Who do you look up too?   


  1. I think Laura S is actually from the town I used to live in? She has a bunch of friends there and I think one of my friends knows her sister or something? Not really sure. Could be another Laura S, too. I love your blog and Kris’ blog (who you featured). There are a few others that I really love, even some who don’t blog as regularly but really make the most of the posts they do write (they clearly have outside lives from blogging which is really good for them!).

    Speaking of coffee…

    1. Laura lives in Atlanta but she goes to Ashland (?) a lot. I think some of my favorite blogs, don’t blog regularly and that is also what makes them interesting as well. 🙂

  2. It’s funny to think back about the blogs you used to read and the blogs you read now. The relationships and reasons for blogging have changed so much for me it’s ridiculous. I looked through my old blog bookmark on my laptop and half of the blogs on their don’t even exist anymore because I just added every blog I came across, really. I’m glad you were able to find many people to connect with because I know people – like you, obviously – make my day.

    1. It’s the same with me as well. I started my blog in early college when I could relate to younger bloggers. Now I can’t really relate to people who have all the time in the world to comment, whine and still have a different thought process. Being in about the same life place as you, I feel like you understand but with people that are in early college…it’s a whole new mindset!

  3. When I first started blogging I bookmarked every blog I came across that I was remotely interested in. Now I have narrowed it down much more to what inspires and INTERESTS me.

    Like I said yesterday-it’s a lot of the reason I don’t blog everyday. I have nothing to say and don’t want it to become wasted space 🙂

  4. All these women seem awesome! I definitely enjoy reading blogs and seeing how different people are.

  5. You’re killing me, making my damn mascara run.

    Thank you for this, kind of needed it actually. You’re awesome and I am so glad we have met and been able to run together (and regardless of distance, we will continue to run together when you move, races or not, it will happen).

    I look up to you (literally…I’m short) but also because you are wise beyond your years. And hot damn you can run. 🙂 …okay going back to texting you now.

  6. I look up to you, actually (I know, pass the sickbag, right? I’m not being sycophantic, I swear). And I’d second the admiration of Caitlin/Roserunner – she is a badass runner, I agree she doesn’t need a coach, and she also actually gives a shit about her readers. I left a comment once and she e-mailed me such a caring response…I doubt she knows it but it really did make a difference to my day and helped me when I was in one of those dark places I tend to visit.

    There’s a freaking amazing runner called ‘Dirt Diva’ I look up to as well – she’s run 7 (I think) 100+ mile races this year already. There is also a vegan activist runner called Fiona Oakes who I follow on FB – she has won so many races…including the North Pole marathon this week, smashing the female course record. She also fits her training around looking after over 400 animals at a shelter that she runs, relying entirely on donations to keep it going. She raises so much money for animals, and is selfless and self-depricating to a fault. I wish I was half the person she is (well, figuratively…literally/size-wise I’m probably double the person she is :P)


    1. I agree! Rose Runner is awesome, she is the fastest blogger I know who literally could care less for a coach. So many bloggers feel they need a coach and clearly that’s not the case.

      1. Well I adore you both equally, and Jess, I’ve got to find those blogs–Fiona Oakes sounds fascinating and like a good addition to the world. She’s only on facebook?

  7. I actually don’t follow any of these bloggers so I am excited to check them out! Some of the bloggers I really look up to are Peanut Butter Fingers, Run Eat Repeat and Carrots n Cake. They are all so unique and I love their fitness inspiration 🙂

      1. I should clarify I am teasing. Because a lot of people might warn you not to “look up to” this kind of obsessive meal documenting blog. But there is no actual wrong answer

      2. While I’m sure they are all nice women, they are women I can’t relate too. I tend to read blogs of people I feel I can relate too and want to meet but as Caitlin said there really isn’t a wrong answer.

  8. Loving this blogger love! I never thought I would “meet” and connect with so many awesome people when I started blogging–talk about a pleasant surprise. 🙂

  9. Aww, cute post! There are definitely a bunch of bloggers that I look up to, some who I have met in real life and some who I haven’t.. yet, it’s a great community when you find the people you really click with!

  10. Such a sweet post! This got me thinking… there are definitely bloggers I look up to as well. I’m inspired daily by other athletes- so thankful for the blogging community!

  11. Thank you for that, warms my heart! Kris is the bomb dot com, and the only person you listed I know of so I’ll have to peep on the others. I trust your excellent judgment 😉 You know I’m a fan of yours as well, especially the whole “you can be super awesome at running without having neurotic meltdowns about your training runs” thing.

    1. Someone trusts my judgement? Now that is a scary thought. I really do one day hope to run a race over there in CA. Maybe Ill enjoy the weather more and my posts will be less whiney about that. 😉

  12. The blogs I read now are a lot different from the blogs I read when I first started blogging. Back then I read a lot of ED recovery blogs because I was going through my own recovery and found it really beneficial to read about people facing similar struggles as me, but now I find it really hard to read those kind of blogs because I want to help them so badly, but I also realize that nothing I do or say will make any difference until they decide to recover themselves. It’s especially difficult to read the blogs of girls who were struggling 2 or 3 years ago and who are still struggling now 😕

  13. Same reasons why I started blogging. I wanted to connect with people whom I share same interests with. I admire a lot of bloggers, yours is one of them. 🙂

  14. GIRL <3 I am so humbled to be included in this group. when we connected is a point that I can pin point the reason I enjoyed blogging. It was because I was able to make a few new friends (key word being few) and I honestly consider you one of my best friends. A trip home is no longer complete without seeing you and I hope the same is true for when we hopefully both end up in Texas (lol). You are one the bloggers and friends I look up to and love the most! And I have really enjoyed our early morning texts these days! They make an early morning even better 😀

  15. Girl, I haven’t been on your blog in awhile. Its looking fabulous! I hope that everything is going well with you and that you are having a lovely time in the real world

  16. LOVE this post! I think SHannon is the only one here I know – but these ladies all sound awesome, I will have to check out their blogs. I’d say you, Amanda (running w/ spoons), and Matt (athlete’s plate) are all bloggers I admire – you guys tell it like it is, aren’t obsessive-compulsive about running/fitness/exercise (but you’re still awesome at it), and you all eat good food. No BS!

    1. Ooh girl, when we meet you are going on this list. I use to follow Matt’s blog more frequently than I do now. I admire you as well and of course the no BS recovery and life musings. 🙂

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