Blogger Thoughts

Here are some interesting blogs topics I’ve found for discussion:

You leave for a week or two…schedule guest posts or no?

I might schedule a couple of interesting ones when I go out of town…I scheduled a couple of posts when I went to Texas but I don’t stress about it. I didn’t schedule every day and don’t think I ever would.  No one cares that much if I’m gone for a couple of weeks…

Blog about significant others?


Yummy...frog legs...he is a healthy living blogger and doesn't know it...
Yummy…frog legs…he is a healthy living blogger and doesn’t know it…

How long do you take for a real life event to happen to announce it on the blog?

Imagine that sometimes I don’t even put real world events on the blog…I went to work without blogging about it.  I went on a date without blogging about…generally I would prefer to tell all of those involved, wait a few days to let it simmer and then announce it.  But I never really have big announcements anyways?  My life isn’t that exciting.

What time of blog do you classify yours as?

A LOLZ blog.  Running, somewhat healthy living, coffee, pancakes and lolz…


Define healthy living blog.

I don’t really care.  Just kidding, I think that a healthy living blogging is someone who chooses to eat and live in a healthy lifestyle.  I consider myself a healthy living blogger.   

How often do you blog?

Mostly every day.  If I need a break then I take one…if I don’t need a break…I don’t take one.  I like to schedule posts at 8am because I am a morning person so I assume everyone else waits at 7:59 to get a post.

Why do you blog?

I blog because I truly enjoy it.  I enjoy the people I have met through blogging and I enjoy being able to bounce ideas of others and listen to peoples advice that have credentials to give it to me.  I don’t solely blog for myself…otherwise I’d write in a diary or Microsoft word.  If you tell me you “blog solely for yourself and no one else” well take a week and only type posts into Microsoft word.

Questions for you: Answer some…or all.