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Here are some interesting blogs topics I’ve found for discussion:

You leave for a week or two…schedule guest posts or no?

I might schedule a couple of interesting ones when I go out of town…I scheduled a couple of posts when I went to Texas but I don’t stress about it. I didn’t schedule every day and don’t think I ever would.  No one cares that much if I’m gone for a couple of weeks…

Blog about significant others?


Yummy...frog legs...he is a healthy living blogger and doesn't know it...
Yummy…frog legs…he is a healthy living blogger and doesn’t know it…

How long do you take for a real life event to happen to announce it on the blog?

Imagine that sometimes I don’t even put real world events on the blog…I went to work without blogging about it.  I went on a date without blogging about…generally I would prefer to tell all of those involved, wait a few days to let it simmer and then announce it.  But I never really have big announcements anyways?  My life isn’t that exciting.

What time of blog do you classify yours as?

A LOLZ blog.  Running, somewhat healthy living, coffee, pancakes and lolz…


Define healthy living blog.

I don’t really care.  Just kidding, I think that a healthy living blogging is someone who chooses to eat and live in a healthy lifestyle.  I consider myself a healthy living blogger.   

How often do you blog?

Mostly every day.  If I need a break then I take one…if I don’t need a break…I don’t take one.  I like to schedule posts at 8am because I am a morning person so I assume everyone else waits at 7:59 to get a post.

Why do you blog?

I blog because I truly enjoy it.  I enjoy the people I have met through blogging and I enjoy being able to bounce ideas of others and listen to peoples advice that have credentials to give it to me.  I don’t solely blog for myself…otherwise I’d write in a diary or Microsoft word.  If you tell me you “blog solely for yourself and no one else” well take a week and only type posts into Microsoft word.

Questions for you: Answer some…or all. 

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  1. I’ve never understood how some bloggers could continue to blog daily while they’re on vacation. I’ve thought about it on a few occasions, but as soon as I’m gone I realize that there’s no way I want to spend time at a computer when I can be out enjoying the sights. Guest posts are okay, but I read a blog because of the blogger, so I’m not necessarily that interested in what someone other than the blogger has to say. And I love what you said about not solely blogging for yourself. It annoys me when people say that because yeah… if you were writing solely for yourself, you’d probably be better off just writing in a journal.

  2. I used to say I blogged for myself but after I saw your tweet about it, I was realizing that we aren’t exactly blogging for ourselves at all. In some ways we are because we’re able to get feedback that is directly beneficial to us but we also obviously want people reading what we have to say too.

    1. Funny story, I nearly named this post meta blogging part 1. Great minds think alike. As you were saying though, I’d rather read about people blogging about blogging versus people giving a product review about something they already got for free and don’t use…at all.

  3. I agree with the blogging on vacation- I don’t know how people do that. To me, it wouldn’t be a vacation- the last thing I want to do on vacation is write, that’s what I do for a living anyway. I just want to lay around and relax. Seriously.

    I obviously blog about my significant other a lot, but that’s kinda due to our marriage. Hehe.

    1. I think it depends how you go about blogging about a significant other as well. I don’t need to hear mushy details about it but if it’s relevant…it is!

  4. I realized there are so many things i think about or see or anything I don’t blog about because I guess I don’t think to say it. I always think the events in my life aren’t particularly exciting or even worth everyone else’s time, I guess. haha. That’s why I’ll post about a doctor’s appointment like three days later because no one is refreshing their Newsfeed to read about it, so I blog when I’m ready. The LOL on your pancakes looks like poop <3

  5. I know I told you this but I really love the new layout. Very clean and different 🙂

    I barely ever blog. I am trying my hardest to get back into it-but like you said my life is incredibly boring. wakeup, workout maybe, work, workout, eat, relax, sleep repeat. so much fun! no one cares about that crap 🙂

  6. I am really into your new blog design! I blog what I want, when I want and if I dont feel like blogging I dont. I keep a lot of stuff to myself but I also share a lot of stuff. I feel like we put on this show that we have this great life because we only talk about the good stuff. People are always shocked when you tell it like it really is, but I like that shock factor, it keeps things interesting!

  7. Lately, I think my sole reason for having a blog is that I have some kind of identity for when I’m commenting on other blogs- ha. I post like once every couple weeks. I agree about the writing for yourself thing. I have a journal in which I write about everything but it’s solely for ME, because no one else reads it. I think I’ve discovered that I’m more into that than I am into blogging. But that’s fine. I think I’m just meant to be a blog reader. 🙂

  8. Healthy living blogger: someone who eats more than one thing, and writes about their own healthy lifestyles and not what they think someone else wants to read. But Anywho, you’re awesome, I’ve told you that before.P.S. make Tim do a guest post. hahaha. ( that makes me laugh, because I know john would nEVER do that)

  9. I’ve only been on vacation once since I started blogging, and I booked guest bloggers – I’m absolutely not going to be sitting in my hotel room on my computer when I can be out enjoying the sights.
    The whole ‘I blog for myself’ is an interesting concept…I blog about what I want to, but I enjoy the commenting and getting feedback parts of it. I don’t think too many people are blogging 100% for themselves – there are journals for that.

  10. I like the category of LOLz haha, very poetic. If I were to go on vacation I would not schedule any posts while I was gone. I never really post ahead of time or schedule things. Maybe once a month or so I will write a post at night and then have it go live in the am.

  11. I don’t blog on vacay but I do try to keep my M/WF schedule. I’m a fan of structure. Blogging about the significant other? Meh, he’d rather I not. Announcing big life events? Haven’t had one happen but I’m pretty private so I’m sure it would be a no….

  12. I don’t care at all to read guest posts. I skip over them every single time. I used to blog on vacation (to see family though), but I’ve never blogged when I’ve been out of the country. I typically blog about dating though, so that front is usually pretty dead if I’m not in the US. I guess when I say that I blog for myself, I mean that I’m doing it for ME. The comments I get are beneficial to ME and I do like the feedback. But I have never been disappointed if nobody comments. I don’t comment on other blogs so that people will comment on mine. I like feeling like other people are going through what I am, so that’s why I read other blogs (or they just make me laugh and entertain me, like yours). I definitely don’t repost my blog a million times (other than for spelling errors) or check my comments all day long. So… I guess that’s the “it’s for me” part… It’s therapeutic for me. Hmmm… Make sense?

    1. I agree with that. Guest posts have caused me to find some interesting new bloggers, but I once knew someone that went on vacation for a month and literally scheduled a guest blog every single day of that…um you will survive a month sans blogging and you will certainly survive a week sans blogging.

      Blog commenting…I could spend a year ranting on that ha ha. You mean you don’t sit on the edge of your seat refreshing your computer to see who comments? Now that is depressing…

  13. I love how laid back you are about blogging. If you don’t feel like blogging you don’t, and if you feel like it you do. This keeps it from becoming a burden or something you don’t enjoy. Thanks for the honesty. 🙂

  14. That pancake lolz picture is basically your life. I typically write posts the night before for the next day, and I blog because I like to share my life with others and feel like I am a part of other people’s lives too. I don’t really have much to offer other than my life story haha

  15. For those bloggers who can write a post everyday while they’re on vacation–serious kudos … but I could never do that. When I’m on vacation, I want to truly relax, and you can’t do that if you’re constant thinking, “Oh, let me take a picture of this!” or “Oh, I should order this and talk about it on the blog.” That sounds so exhausting, lol.

  16. Thanks for your answers on these woman, always loving your honesty and just frankness, plus I like learning about ya! I’m impressed you blog mostly everyday, I honestly get sick of myself sometimes, although I think that’s mostly due to the long-ass posts I always do. Changing that up might be a good idea eh? I agree with you on the what is healthy question and yes, I would consider your blog a healthy living one, yet so far from the “norm” we have accepted around here. Aka thanks for the change in the definition

  17. I am thinking of blogging about my significant other soon. He is bugging me of wanting to guest post.
    I don’t announce my life right away. I compose a draft and select which ones I can share and the ones I can keep private. 🙂
    Same exact reasons you have why you blog. It’s the only social media that accepted me for who I am and what i love to do 🙂

  18. Ah the guest post conundrum…I’ve done it before but I’m not really into it. Confession: when one of the blogs I read has a guest post, I usually skip it. Terrible person, I know, but I don’t need a daily dose of whoever. I like the way you classify your blog…. a “lolz” blog hahaha. And agreed, I like blogging mainly because of all the people I’ve met and will MEET IN PERSON!!! 😀

  19. I schedule posts for 5:53am because that is my wake up time when I am not in school lol. I am not sure how long I wait to share major news on a blog, I think I just wait until the time is right for me and I either have time to write about it or feel like sharing with others. Guests post are OK every once and awhile because they let you see a new blogger you might like, but too many guest posts are annoying…

  20. Sometimes I don’t share life updates on the blog, because I don’t know how to work them into a post without it sounding so awkward, haha

  21. good post! i agree with you on your stance on blogging. my favorite bloggers are the ones that write only when they have something to share versus just because it’s tuesday and i haven’t posted anything yet. it’s suppose to be fun not a chore! this might be why i love youtube channels because they only post when they have something to share. and as many people already posted i’m not a big fan of guest posts either. sometimes they are a cool way to meet new bloggers but most of the time they can be awkward.

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