Raindeer Run 5k (19:04)

Well I don’t get it either.  Last Sunday I ran the Binghamton 5k and ran a 20:10.  I was mentally prepared.  I had eaten remotely healthy and what you eat before races (I guess…meaning I didn’t eat a one pound huge steak) and you know had mentally prepared myself to run quickly.

Friday morning, my dad left me a note on the counter that said “Free 5k on base if you want to do it”, so I thought oh why not.  So with that I drove to the base and met dad at work and we went over.  We warmed up (as dad and I always do) and I immediately thought…oh I’m feeling like I drove 700 miles and ran 10 yesterday.  Oh wait…I did!  I really feel like the worse I feel during warmup, the better I race.

Moving on, they just called the start out of absolutely nowhere.  A small panic occurred when I thought my watch hadn’t synched up (I know…who am I) but realized it had.  I’m in love with getting my splits during races now. I felt extremely smooth during the first mile.  I was literally sailing (5:38).  Everything felt awesome.

The second mile, we ran in sand and up the only hill.  This mentally challenged me…mostly because I was thinking…sand..what, I’m done with cross country.  (6:31…the exact same time as my second mile last race).

The third mile, I was thought damn apparently I do run hills because I caught some people on the hill.  So it gave me extra confidence boost to hammer down and run a 6:15.  I don’t ever negative split 5ks (normally I’m at cardiac arrest by this point) so that was for the win. 

I finished in 19:04.

I have to say my favorite part of the race was getting my medal and posing next to Santa. I want to try and find this photos somewhere.  Santa was obviously a young military man and I was like “Santa you look pretty young” and in the most creepy voice (creepier then dudes trying to get in your pants at the bar) he says: “Oh but I am”. 

So that is that and certainly a confidence booster in my road to a sub 18:35 (6 minute paced) 5k.  To give you an idea this is only 7 seconds slower than my 5k PR. 

Questions for you:

1.       Do you do better if you feel like crap during warmup?

2.       What is the longest drive you’ve ever made alone? 

For me, it’s the 700 miles too and from Upstate NY to VA Beach. 

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  1. Woohoo, thata girl Hollie! OMG, “Santa” sounds so creepy. He probably stole the picture of you two; I know what he wants for Christmas! (Sorry, inappropriate, but I’m sure that’s what he’s thinking.) During my basketball days, I would feel better going into a game if I had a good warmup; mentally, it gave me peace of mind. However, I would usually play better after a not-so-great warmup. Funny how that works, right?

  2. That’s happened to me before- totally unexpected PRs. Sometimes your body has good days and not-so-good days I guess. One thing I’ve noticed is that when I sign up for something on a whim I do better because I’m not nervous, I have no time to get nervous, etc. That’s still an awesome time and sounds like you had a great race.

    Longest I’ve driven alone… prolly like 2 hours. I don’t go or drive too much, haha.

  3. woot woot! I want to pose next to Santa! I am so jealous you are home! Well at least I am done with exams and just get to email, pack and clean today!

  4. Ha Ha Ha Ha, love that you said it in a manly voice. You are too funny Hollie! Gosh I really hope were able to meet some way or another when I’m in the states!!

  5. You seriously amaze me every time you run a race. How do you do it?! I think you probably did well because you didn’t over think it. Just like with swimming, lol I always did awesome in the races that I literally thought I wasn’t going to finish. Imagine that.

  6. Awesome blossom girl!!!! Sometimes I swear all the preparation and doing the right things doesn’t seem to matter, once in a while you just get what your body gives. How was the foot/knee?

  7. your awesome! lol i do way worse if i’m feeling like crap during a warmup, it’s my body’s way of saying “well chelsea, we’re just not having this today” haha

  8. Congrats on the speedy race! I love that you got to pose w/ a creepy santa after!

    I usually don’t do too much to warm up before a race but I have found that I run faster at races that I’m either running late to or decided to run last minute. I’m not sure if its some weird stress reaction or if I don’t have enough time to over think things and pysch myself out!

  9. Awesome job!!! This is awesome. Free 5K and you got a medal and a great time. That sounds like a steal deal!

  10. Congrats, you’re the fastest!!!

    I try to pretend I’m going to warm up, but ultimately, I’m just lazy.

  11. Holy crap you are fast. So much runner envy right now! Congratulations, especially after such a hard day.

  12. What I wouldn’t give for a 5:xx-minute mile. Well, I’d give anything for one pain-free mile at the moment, but you get my drift.

    Yes, I need warm-ups. I didn’t used to do them prior to, say, 10Ks though and I was actually faster not doing them, but since transitioning to longer distances my legs do not wake up until the sixth mile – my last 10K I had an 11-mile ‘warm-up’ but I think that was a little OTT 😛

    I wonder if it’s possible (well, realistic) for someone with no athletic background in their youth to get a 5:xx mile…I tried it on the treadmill once and had to slow the pace at 0.75 miles – I was about to fly off the back of the thing!

  13. Holy.wow girl, you’ve really been doing amazing on the running front lately. Awesome race! I find that I usually do better on things when I don’t have a chance to overthink or stress over them. Usually, the more prepared I feel and the better I think I’m going to do, the worst I end up doing. So frustrating…

  14. I was SOOO pumped for you when I saw this on DM 🙂 You deserve it!! Definitely an awesome race! I’ve decided my training schedule in the future is going to involve a lot more “winging it” than this season.. I race better when I’m kinda just going with the flow and doing what I feel like – I think that’s why I pr’ed at the Hobble Gobble and on Tgiving lol My body always feels best when I feel like it shouldn’t.. maybe that’s what worked for you too haha. Happy for you girl and creepy santa must have been digging your booty spanks 😉

  15. Dude sick race!!! Way to go!!!!! I have never warmed up for a race, HA. And the longest solo drive I have ever made was from Nashville TN to Rochester NY, which clocks in at a cool 800 miles. I left at 11am Nashville time and arrived around 11 or 12 Rochester time, one long continuous drive!!

  16. Whoa!! Guess you’ve found your legs again. Hold onto them, they’re gonna take you places. 😉 Seriously though, way to kill it. Fabulous.

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