Texas Fun

As we all know, I’m not a big long recapper kind of person.  I hate writing long posts.  I hate reading long posts.  Everything about long posts is not for me and my short ass attention span.  So I thought I would break up my Thanksgiving posts into multiple posts.  I know that you obviously want to read about those.

First and foremost I know you guys want to know about the boy.  Actually first, it Texas was new to me which was really exciting (and warm).I love it down there..anyways about the boy. He is doing well and I obviously don’t talk about him much because well…he is 3000 miles away (due to my geographical knowledge I cannot verify that is accurate).  Plus how weird would it be if you googled yourself and came across my blog.  LOL.  (Though he has read my blog before and isn’t like I hide anything from him…my ability to keep secrets rivals that of a 3 year old)

That being said, I’ve been extremely cautious about what I post on the internet regarding relationships  but I do promise that I exist outside of lolz, coffee and monday waffle posts.  I will tell you guys though I had an amazing trip I’ve never been happier and that is that.  I don’t want to text overload so I’ll just explain photos.  That is more of my jive anyways.

We went on the River Walk in San Antonio..I highly recommend it.
oh yeah and took a photo with a water buffalo like no big deal…
saw some swell waterfalls
Decided a 60 ounce (yes 60 ounce) ceramic coffee mug was needed…because isn’t everything bigger in Texas?
Tim ate a frog. Erg frog legs. I was not bold enough to try it.
and went on an infamous 8 mile run all within a 1 mile radius.

So yes, lots of fun there.

Questions for you:

1.       Do you like to type long posts are multiple short posts?

2.       Are you more of a must see all the sights kind of person or just relax kind of person? 

I’m more of a relaxing person.  I don’t need to go to all the fancy amusement parks (roller coasters kind of make me sick) but shopping and relaxing is all I really need.