Chatting about GOMI

So as some of you may or may not know (I know at least the person who began the rant does) I was featured on GOMI (Get off my internets).  I thought long and hard if I would even address the posts or ignore but I decided once I had some time to zone out on the airplane I would.  I wanted to demyth some of the things that were said and really confess something that I have pretty much kept on the downlow since I’ve been blogging.

I drink enough coffee to kill a horse.  I post and drink a lot of coffee and drink about 48 ounces of regular daily.  I’m not sure if that was more/less than what people thought but that is about it.  I used to drink a lot more, but switched over to decaf later at night so I can still enjoy the flavour.  Mostly to keep warm (Upstate is cold as shizzz).

I am exercise obsessed.  Okay obviously this is true and I do not deny that I love to exercise.  I love exercising, running and when I’m injured, I enjoy ellipticalling to maintain my fitness.  The problem is that my blog is associated with a lot of blogs that are “casual” running to maintain weight or running for fun type of blogs.  WHICH IS TOTALLY FINE!  Props to you if you like running to keep weight off but that isn’t why I run.

For me, I was a collegiate runner, and while 70-90m seems like a lot when you compare it to someone casually running in the collegiate world it’s not.  I know I am NOT an elite runner, but one day I really hope to be.  Maybe it will happen, maybe not.  I can 100% guarantee you that across many colleges and states many females who were targeting the same goal pace (for nationals) were running 70-90 miles weekly.  My coach (fully qualified in EVERY regard) was carefully monitoring my miles, pace, time, how I felt ect and I was running extremely well.  I peeked when I was supposed to and my legs felt like led when they were supposed to.  Everything was carefully tracked and monitored.

When my cyst ordeal occurred, I never had a stress fracture.  While crosstraining if I felt pain, I would have stopped.  I didn’t train through my stress fracture last year.  I posted multiple blog entries about my injury last week so I don’t think I need to go into details there.  My cyst was not running related and because there were essentially a golf ball in my heal (which is a lot of extra crap) it put tension on my plantar fascia and caused the muscle to just rip slightly off the bone and a minute crack.  Humor me and ball your hand into a fist stick it on the arch of your foot and imagine that being centrally located in your heal because blood decided for no apparent reason to clot there.  Then you can see what I went through. It had nothing to do with running.  The pain from my cyst was the same level weather I was sitting, standing, walking, skipping or crab walking. That is how I was able to simulate my elliptical workouts with running.  If I had been hurting during anything, I wouldn’t do it.

I cross trained through my injury because I went from running 1-2 hours daily to doing nothing when I was still physically able.  When asked if I was up to simulating my running with ellipticalling, I jumped at the chance to maintain my base for as long as possible.  And you know what?  It clearly worked from my results of my final cross country race.

I am underweight because I don’t eat enough.  I’m not underweight and I eat plenty.  I weight 130 pounds and I’m 5’7.

I am interning 37 weekly hours to meet the last requirement of my major.  For health at my college, you have to spend your final semester interning in something you are really interested in.  That is where I’m at now in a brand new environment (somewhat) working 37 hours weekly.  I switched majors (from a double math and education major) senior year so I needed an extra semester to finish my public health major (and I kept a math minor since I had that).  I have no idea where or what I’m doing after I’m done in a few weeks.  I know what I would like to do, but we all have dreams.

Leading my too my last point.  This is something I’ve never said point blank on the blog and I’m a bit nervous to put it out there but I feel like it will really put everything into context (part of the reason I “sidestepped” nutrition questions…because I was not ready to share that with the world).  I’m not looking for sympathy but truly just stating the facts I’ve come to terms with. I’m diabetic.  I have genetic diabetes which is partially the reason I started running.  First and foremost, running and eating relatively healthy while regulating my blood sugars has caused me to be able to say I’m in the top 5% of people that CAN and hopefully WILL grow out of it.  When I refer to any medical issues the end of freshman year of college and sophomore year, it was learning that I needed to watch what I ate or I was going to get sick.  No longer were the days I could binge drink without reaping terrible effects (please I was a freshman in college), eat crap 100% of the time.  As a college freshman, I wasn’t any healthier than a typical freshman. I ate all three meals on campus and knew next to little about nutrition.  My healthy living staples were remembering to eat breakfast and going to swim practice to have a night time social life.  When I found out freshman year (after being sick all the time) that I was going to have to start monitoring my blood sugars and having an extra burden on top of college, it set me into a tizzy. I had to work harder then others and live a lot healthier, it was really eye opening. I really just didn’t want to think about my life long future and wanted to continue my college lifestyle that I had known to love. It eventually lead to depression which led me running.  Since that was nearly 4 years ago (life before blogging), I’ve since learned how to cope really well and know when my blood sugars are out of synch and what to do when that happens.  I can honestly say that I’m probably half way in the clearing and it’s just yet another way that shows me hard work pays off.

This was somewhat hard for me to post and it’s been sitting on my desktop that last few hours while I decided if I wanted too.  If you have anymore questions, please feel free to ask/leave them here or email me.  (