Hill Training Week 1

Wow what a whirlwind of training this has been this week.  Actually, just a whirlwind week.  I have gone from running no hills to too many hills.  (though I guess there are never really too many hills).  Anyways, I really just didn’t have energy for speedwork or weight training.  I really know I need to start weight training again before I injury myself from focusing solely on running.

So let’s get down to the knitty gritty of training.  If I post it, then I can give myself a clear view of what I need to work on.

Monday:  (18.35) AM: 14.25 miles On flat ground.
2 miles warmup

4 miles at 7-7:30 pace

5 miles with dad at 9:00 pace

2 miles cooldown

PM:  4.1 miles shakeout around town from my new living space
Tuesday: 10.75 AM: 10.75, beginning my running on hills
Wednesday: (14.15) AM: 8.4 hills
PM: 5.75 attempts of a tempo run (7:00) pace but my body was tired due to change in terrain.
Thursday:  (11.3) AM: Around Town Shakeout
Friday:  (13.5) AM: 8.5 mile shakeout
PM: 5 mile shakekout after hiking
Saturday: (11) AM: 11 mile easy
Sunday: AM: Half Marathon (Yeah I’ll recap that…I literally signed up for it yesterday for something to do)


Total: 95 miles

So looking back at my training this way, I physically remember telling myself every night that I was going to go strength train but then saying…uh nahh…maybe tomorrow.  I haven’t been to the gym to strength train in a FEW WEEKS and I know this is a major component of getting injured.  So I’m hoping next week, I’ll have the time and energy.

Also next week is my first cross country race.  I’m excited, I’m nervous, I’ve got so many emotions going into this one race.  I haven’t raced the course since my very first cross country race because I was injured last year.  Can you believe my blog is two years old, just rereading my first cross country race makes me happy I found running.

Questions for you:

Have you been motivated lately? 

What is one aspect of your fitness you feel you could work on?