Last week, I also had a fun aspect of my internship.  We went hiking!  As I said on Saturday, not every part of health is about fitness BUT a portion is.  Being stuck in an office everyday is even worse. 

Part of my internship (maybe ¼) is focused on helping people become healthier.   Not necessarily lose weight, but lead healthier lives.  Maybe they are done competing in their sport and have never been to the gym by themselves…maybe they want to lose weight.  Maybe they just want to learn a bit more about nutrition and want a peer who is knowledgeable (hey that’s me) to chat about it with. 


Whatever floats their boat, I am that person to chat with.


Anyways the undergraduates and I went on a hike.  It was a lot of fun and I really proud of them for making it up and down that mountain to the water falls.  Some had not worked out or been to the gym in months and to hike a 500 foot climb was incredible. 


I hadn’t been hiking in a couple of years personally but I did quite enjoy it!

Question for you:  Do you like hiking?