And then I punched my card into the 90 mile club

So I really wanted to post this blog when everything was all said and done.  And it is…that is why I’m posting it later (because I know you notice when I post blogs at 10am versus 8).

I have honestly been thinking about this all summer..would I be able to peak this high..would I die…do girls run this much (those words have come out of my mouth multiple times).

Apparently…they do because I finally hit my first 90 mile week.  Not only that but it was productive because I had some decent tempo runs sprinkled in there.  I did my recovery runs appropriately and those ranged anywhere from 8:00-9:30 pace.  Mostly around 8:30.  I ran easy when I was supposed too, I ran hard when I was supposed too…but mostly…I just ran. 

A year ago, I was running no miles due to ten million injuries…or just a ripped IT band and stress fracture.  I was heartbroken and honestly didn’t know if when or if I could run again…now I just hit a 90+ mile week.

I am quite pleased with this training week though I won’t bore you with the details. 

So in short today (today…as opposed to every day) I achieved my first (of hopefully many) 90 mile weeks.

*Side note-I never know it posting an exact training log interests people…it just seems long to me but I can do that too.

Question for you:

1.        How were your workouts?

2.       Do you like tempo runs or track workouts more?