Island Beach 2 Mile Swim (1:20)

Every year, my family and I do this open water swim.  In fact, I’ve been doing this race since I turned 18 (therefore have completed 5 of them).  This was my slowest…by 20 minutes.  It was also about 2.5 miles (so the race official publically announced).  But I still think it was 2.25 and had really bad currents…Which was sad because the water looked so calm from the boat.

My dad’s side of the family
My dad, brother and I instagrammed

Rewind.  Why on Earth do I travel to NY to do a swim (run…maybe…but swim?!)

The course!  That buoy is about 1/4 of the way out. 

Well my dad’s two brothers who fly/drive from out of town also do it.  Now it’s quite close to my brother’s school on Long Island so that is obviously a factor.  So yes, I drive that far and there is a swim involved but there are many other motives and I just generally tell people it’s a family reunion. 

We woke up at a nice 6:00 am and casually moseyed over to the ferry by 7:00 to check in.  You see the swim leaves from an island so missing the ferry, means no swimming.  That and check in is right there.

View from the ferry

Got to the swim and was ready for the 8:30am start In my typical Hollie swim race fashion, I did absolutely no warmup (minus chatting).  I also almost missed the start because I was busy desanding my goggles I realized “oh wait all the swimmers are in the water”.  So needless to say I started near the back.

The race course is set up 1 mile out and 1 mile back.  You get both currents.  Today, the current was coming in from the side.  Anyways-the first mile went by pretty fast and I hit that in about 30 minutes.  I somewhat figured it was long because I have been consistently holding miles in these conditions in low 20s.  I wasn’t too worried.

Then rounded the buoy, the sun went straight into my eyes.  This mile felt like it took forever.  I had lost barings, it was chilly, I got stung by a jelly and the water was choppy.  It seems to be like that every year though.   You have to remember, at the half way point of this race, you are a mile from shore so it’s pretty scary. 

Anyways, I finished the second half in 50 minutes, meaning I swam this 2 mile race in 80 minutes.  Even with wavy conditions I was still 20+ minutes longer then I had done.  The race director announced that it was 2.5 miles during awards because of tides changing and currents and the buoys were too far out.  I’m not too concerned either way.

I was proud of my brother for finishing his longest (and second) open water swim. 

Matt finishing


Questions for you: 

Have you had a scary race moment? 

Do you have family reunions?