Allen Stone Race Recap

I don’t even know where to begin with race.  I keep trying to create a starting point but so many different things flood my mind.  Ha. So I guess I’ll start with, I finished and was second female overall, I ran an 18:57 PR in the final 5 and I’m still…uninjured.

That pretty much summarizes it, but I guess I’ll get into details too (if you are into that.).  

The race began at 8:10 am.  I got in a 2.3 mile (running) warmup and was ready to go.  It was very stormy skies and I was hoping the weather would hold until after our race.  How much would it stink to taper for a race and then it’s cancelled/postponed?  Your taper is messed up and well…your mojo falls flat.

As was not the case (obviously).

The first 1k was on the beach and due to all the rain the sand was very soft.  It was not compact and my feet were sinking…I was tripping over bumbling bafoons that should have started in the back but it’s not a big deal (well there were no chips for the 1k run or the 1k swim).  All I could think about in this 1k run on the beach was the ocean swells.

I deserved that for wearing a two piece.

But then it was ocean time.  In I went.  The waves were nuts and my goggles came off a few times I got kicked in the face multiple times and I swear nearly desuited…silly (creeper) waves.  But alas that is what I get for wearing a two piece.  The swim took me 25 minutes to do a 1k.  I did an open water mile swim in 22 a few weeks ago.  My (1000yd) pool PR is in the 11 minute range.

So you know those waves and rip currents and waves were nuts.  When I rounded the buoy to come in, I got hit by a rather large wave that knocked my goggles off completely.  I was preying my contacts didn’t come out. Thank goodness they didn’t.

wahhh waves.

And into the transition area I went.  A very fast runner from my area (who ran the 5k) told me I was 6th female overall.  And then my flame was ignited.  I quickly put on my running clothes, (well my shoes and a shirt with my bib…oopsies no pants…It was like running in booty hugger spandex).

you know…running…

Then set out for the 5k on the boardwalk.  I was actually quite terrified to run this because well, this is where my injury had occurred last year.  Mile one I felt very strong and I passed two females.

Mile 1-2was at the turn around point.  First, I passed the place I had collapsed last year.  I can honestly say I had a bit of a miniflashback.  I don’t know why and it seems silly now and possibly overdramatic but my mind quickly remembered just laying there and whaling.  I put it out of mind and literally said to myselfFTS.  As I rounded the turn around, I also passed another female putting me 3rd.

I had seen the second place female but had put passing her out of my mind that she was at least 2 minutes in front of me. Around that time I saw the most inspirational female runners in my area Kris L and Renee cooling down, who cheered for me!  I was like oh my stars, could I be anymore socially awkward. 

Running back towards the starting line, I began to tunnel vision because I could see the female in front of me and the finish line.  (I think I was also chanting the final countdown in my mind) NEVER have I pushed so hard in my life.  I don’t Garmin during races (I just started training runs with her so maybe eventually) but I know I had to negative split that last mile.  When I was a quarter of a mile out I pushed as hard as humanly possible and just kept going.

Finishing second overall and finishing the 5k portion in 18:57.

w00t for another beer mug….


Sure I would have loved a win, but I love being a sub 19 minute 5ker more.

Question for you:

What is your most memoriable race? 

Do you have any inspirational runners in your area?