Cross Country Awards Banquet

So last night was the good ole award banquet for all the varsity sports at my college.   It was a lot of fun and it was nice to see people that I had not seen in a while because well you know…cross country has been over for close to 5 months.

First all the seniors were recognized.

Then I won the MVP award (Becky won Coaches award)  (PS: She is ENGAGED to another runner on our team)

And then we took a group photo.

Now since I have a free second to type up my thoughts, I will.  During my internship (in the fall), I will still be a student of my college.   I won’t be taking any courses or even be remotely close to my campus but I will still be paying tuition and a matriculated student.  The final step of getting handed (mailed) a diploma in the community health program at my school is to do an internship.  Meaning the following:

I will be competing one last season for my college for cross country. 

If this was a spring sport, I couldn’t do it.  Lucky for me it isn’t and I can run again in fall.  🙂