Just Keep Training…Just Keep Training…

I don’t think I can begin to relate to you how excited I am that I can start doing weekly round-up training reports again.  (Because as much as I was somewhat hiding it-I am *allowed* to train again).

Granted it’s:

A.      Slow and EASY (meaning no watch…but how was that different)

B.      Inside if there is any sort of ice (gross but it’s also better for my knee).

With that being said this week my training was almost all cardio based (because sadly I still cannot lift weights!).

But no matter-I’ll build my baseline again and run run run.  🙂

This weeks mileage is 41.3.  Yes that .3 is a big deal because that is .3 more with no knee pain.

Arctrainer hours are 7.  (One everyday)

Weight sessions 0.

Core sessions 2.

I am trying to do more core but some of the movements still don’t jive correctly with my arm.  While my arm doesn’t hurt to run or walk or arc, lifting weights or twisting it in funny ways does not exactly feel that great.  So there, but like everything else that movement will come.

My other point of injury, though, my knee is a weird story.  I’m babying my knee much more.  My broken arm could honestly not have come at a better time (I mean not that there is a good time to break anything). I probably would not have been running a lot to allow for my knee to heal anyways.  I pulled a few tendons under the knee cap which resulted in some pain that really enhanced itself after the 5k I ran in mid-January.

All good though-because I had planned to give my body a solid month off of running in June (for other little things to heal) but I think it had other motives and chose now to rest.  With all my races in the spring this was obviously not optimal but what can you do?

I won’t even begin to start any sort of speed work until late Spring (maybe).  I’m convinced I’ve been freindzoned as far as speed work versus base building for life.  I don’t mind though.

My body is rested and I’m ready to get back into shape.  A long and a half without running much-this has been but hopefully it’s done and I can move on.  Right now my mileage is NOT what I like to call quality.  I feel like crap, I’m sore, I’m tired and it’s painful (in a good way) to chug through.  I keep reminding myself that this pain will go away and I’ll feel as awesome running as I did at the beginning of the year.  It will happen.

Next week-I plan to run roughly the same thing.  My only real goal is 40-45 KNEE PAIN FREE miles.   I’ll be sore no doubt but that’s life.  I would also like to state-I am still supervised 100% with a coach.  

I’ve been obessed with humerous swimming memes lately so I apologize if you have seen them all lately.  This one keeps making me laugh though.

Questions for you: How is your training going?  What are your goals for next week?

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  1. I’m glad you’re able to run again, but I agree with taking it easy. Even with the time off, I doubt you lost much fitness and you can probably race and run about as good as you did before without stressing your body out so badly. Either way, you can still have fun with it.

    My goals for next week… 4 runs, another strength training session, and rock my 5K Saturday, even though I don’t have a time goal in mind.

  2. It’s so exciting to see that you’re running again!! So true about the arm issue arising at just the right time – I mean, if it had to come up at all! You’re still gonna rock the spring, I have no doubt about it.
    My goal for the week is to get in more pain free runs! Or at least minimal pain.

  3. I miss having a coach so much! Luckily, I’ve always been injury free (knock on wood), but after taking a few years off of competitive running, I would LOVE to have a coach! I’m glad to hear you are easing back into the mileage–good luck with all you have coming up!

  4. I’m glad everything is going so well Hollie!! Just keep chugging along and you’ll be back injury/pain free in no time! I swam 2,000 yards today in 44 minutes, which I’m pretty impressed with myself considering I’ve never done that before. I’ll tell you more when I see you tomorrow and we can catch up!

  5. Slow and easy training beats no training any day. I’m loving your attitude to all of this – it’ll get better, especially when you begin speedwork again.

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