Friday Catchup

Thanks for everyone and their support with PMB yesterday.  I hope more and more people enjoying showcasing their brags and what makes them awesome.  Anyways continuing on.  Today, I’ll just catch you up on my life this week I guess, mostly from instagram because that is the easiest to remember what I did.

This week has gone by so slow, first and foremost.  Seriously I thought with the election the week would have popped but that was not the case.  Thank goodness we didn’t get all that snow like a lot of the north east. 

The highlight of my week was on Tuesday, I had dinner with Katelyn down in Syracuse at a local bar and boy was it good.


Hands down that was one of the best salads I’ve had in a very long time.  It was nice being able to catch up with her too because we are both soooo busy. 

I saw some deer randomly on a run that was enjoyable…

I have to say that I’ve been feeling really down in the dumps and very UNMOTIVATED lately. 

snow. Boo.

Seriously, I don’t even know what to make of it.  I think this change will be very good for me.  As you guys know, I’m not a fan of the cold, snow or any part of it (why am I in upstate again…oh right I love my job) but it’s very hard for me to be motivated to go out and enjoy myself when it’s freezing…plus I’ve been stuck in the same rut between workouts.  My day goes: wakeup, eat, run, work, lift, eat, sleep.  Everyday or some variation of that.  So it will be nice to get a change.

But at least Lakeside always has some gorgeous sun sets (at 4:30pm)

Questions for you: 

What have you been up to this week?   

Do you like change?

WIAW Timetable

It’s time for my favorite part of the week, WIAW.  These have become a staple of my blog the last few weeks, which surprises me but it’s all good.  Speaking of food, I updated my recipe page.  You can take a gander but it’s mostly just pancakes and waffle ideas. 


Last week, I was asked to include my whole day including workouts and work and everything.   I don’t mind doing that once in a great while but having a timetable of my day seems so boring (to me I guess because I do it everyday). 

6:00 am wakeup and eat breakfast, read blogs…whatever. 

waffle and peanut butter.


I really wish my gym didn’t open at 7, but it does.  If it opened at 6, I’d brave the cold and go before so I didn’t have to shower and go straight to work.

7:30 Gym time

Not sure why I was in the mood for eggs between the gym and work…but I was…

I spend an hour on the elliptical followed by showering and being a real girl and get to work at 9.  (My job is odd hours sometimes and it requires me to work nights, weekends, whatever depending on the day.  Sometimes I work 8:30-4:30.  Some days I work 12-8). 


Work 9-4:30.  I’m not going to go into a lot of details about my work but it was pretty busy.  Obviously during this time I had lunch.  We went to the dining hall which was pretty good.  I have come to terms that I would rather go to the dining hall then eat at one of the al la carte places because the dining has a lot of more healthy options and I can choose what I want…versus being stuck with one item.  I got a random assortment of whatever was going in that photo.  Asparagus is so expensive in real life so I practically got all of it like no big deal… 

If you didn’t know, I work on a college campus in the health center and they pay for me to eat lunch there most days.  As well as we have meetings there or I meet with students in a more comfortable place there.   So I eat at lot on the actual campus.  (Which my undergrad had better food, but this is fine too ;)) 

Some steak, asparagus and watermelon. Typical campus diet….ya know.


Then from 4:45-6 I spend another hour at the gym.  That particular day I was feeling pretty good (also still somewhat full from the dining hall). I had a nice and pretty moderate workout.

From 6-7, I grilled up some steak and whatever vegetables I had in my fridge.  O days I go to the dining hall I get more then enough of my fair share of veggies because I can eat as many as I want and then normally have more for dinner.  I cannot say that for days I don’t but I’m making best use of my money right?  Vegetables are expensive and I’d rather spend it on gas station coffee. 

Steak Salad


7-10 is spent as personal time.  Honestly, I never really accomplish anything in those three hours.  Sometimes I call my parents, read more blogs, watch trashy TV…if I need to answer a few emails with work I will…but other then that I don’t. 

and eating Stewerts ice cream. I was really craving it last night…



This particular night I spent a good portion wasting time looking at Halloween Costumes.  Don’t worry it’s real life. 

Question for you: 

  1. 1.       What did you do today?
  2. 2.       What is/was your favorite thing to get at a dining hall?

Food Staples

Food de Hollie
After my WIAW rage, (ha) I got a few emails about what I stock at my house to cook. I can assure you some of it is probably weird, some is strange I guess not all of it so whatever.
Breakfast Foods:
1. Greek yogurt

I like to hoard the containers like no big deal…

2. Peanut flour (I have at least 1 serving daily normally…my “odd food”)
3. Eggs (I go through a dozen eggs once a week)
4. Liquid egg whites
5. Sugar Free syrup (for waffles/pancakes)
6. Ghirardelli unsweetened cocoa powder (once you try this stuff you’ll never go back)
7. Stevia and truvia (depending on my mood)
8. Peanut butter
9. pumpkin
10. skim milk
Lunch foods: (While I normally have lunch on campus, I occasionally pack my lunch)
Which is normally a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a greek yogurt. Well actually it’s two because I have one at 11 and one at 2.

1. Lots of frozen vegetable steamers (broccoli, asparagus, brussel sprouts!)

My favorite dinner ever.  Salmon, brussel sprouts and mushrooms

2. Fresh vegetables include onions, garlic, kale and mushrooms
3. Frozen steak and chicken to grill on my george foreman
4. Fresh fish normally bought day of from the supermarket to grill

1. Quest protein bars (these are my current favorites).
2. Greek yogurt+ pumpkin
3. Protein shakes made of Xanthem gum, pumpkin, skim milk and greek yogurt
4. Hard boiled eggs

Random other things  I like:

1. I always have hot cocoa stocked
2. and ice cream

3. Coffee creamer (I am in a Baileys Irish Cream mood lately)

But other then that I have dessert at restaurants because they are clearly better then anything I could make
Question for you: Name your top five staple foods.

1. Eggs
2. Greek yogurt
3. Peanut flour and cocoa powder (for pancakes…it counts as one)
4. Salmon
5. Xanthem gum for smoothies

WIAW: Instagrammed

I always feel like it’s somewhat cheating or boring because if you follow me on instagram, I normally post these shots and so it’s like you are seeing the same thing..over and over again…but alas I don’t think anyone is really that concerned with it. 

With that I will dump some of instagram eats on you blog readers and commentary (per usual).  


When I go out to eat I get omelettes…because I can’t make them.  (stuffed with crab and mozerella…topped with mushrooms and feta cheese)
I like raw fish (Sashimi).
Giant 1.1 pound steaks…Recovery food of champions.
Protein smoothies have tickled my fancy lately
and no day is complete without my love for coffee.


Question for you: What have you been eating and loving lately? 


Q&A Post

I haven’t had a Q and A post in a while and I’ve honestly had about 100 Q&A questions…well not 100 because I don’t have that many friends but like 10.

1.       How many calories of cream do you add in your coffee?

I honestly don’t know.  Probably about ½ cup and that isn’t a joke.  So maybe 100-200 per 24 ounces?  There are some things in my life that are worth it.  Being lethargic after cream of coffee is one of them.

Cream with a side of coffee

2.       Do people think you are as funny in real life as on your blog?

Um, well I think so.  I’m not anyone different on my blog then in real life…I really don’t try and hide anything from anyone in “real life” or become a different person online.  Many real life friends (shoutout to you guys…comment away if you want) have found my blog and I love it.

3.       You mentioned you suffer from social anxiety…what do you mean by that?

Though this isn’t something that comes up a lot but I do not like to be around a lot of people at once.  I have had panic attacks (not in the last couple of years) from being in extremely crowded places.  I can’t control them and it’s obviously not every time or even half the time.  I know when one is building and I just remove myself from the situation so it becomes not a big deal.

Think of social chlaustrophia.  Very crowded places for too long or being around a group of people for several hours can trigger them.  It doesn’t really hinder me from living life-however I will say during the start of a few road races, I have felt really panicky.  (Another reason I enjoy smaller races).

4.       When do you think you’ll start biking and doing Triathalons?

IF I start biking, it will be after I have expelled all my energy to running and have grown tired of it.

5.       Dogs or Cats?

I’m not a dog person.  At all.  I just don’t care for dogs and when I’m on my own I will not be getting one.  (I guess unless my future husband wants one…granted I find a future husband) but enough rambles I like cats.

and this is my cat.

6.       Will you add more photos on your blog posts?

Sure.  I just haven’t really had any relevant ones.  I have a fancy camera, but it’s big and I hate to lug it everywhere.  I think I’ll start taking more photos of my iphone and adding them to posts.  I know wordy posts are boring.

Here is a photo of me and beans. I won said can of beans in game of BINGO in nutrition class.

7.       Will you do more of your life posts, you seem to have an exciting life and I would love to hear about day to day musings.

Yes, I can do that. I really don’t have that thrilling of a life (I promise).  It’s mostly just laced with sarcasm.  I have literally just been working, driving, running and sleeping.  I’ll get on my real life posts.

8.       Why don’t you work during the school year?

I work my booty off during the summer so I didn’t have to work during the school year.  As much as you probably don’t believe me, I’m pretty good at sticking to my budget.  I buy a lot of specialty food online then just buy the rest at the grocery store. I have a pretty strict budget with clothing and stuff,  I just choose to explode your tweet feed when I do decide to go shopping.  I was a full time student and with being a varsity athlete as well, if I threw a job on there it would be instafail.  Don’t get me wrong, my parents helped me out as during college but I did not rely on them like in high school.

9.       Would you ever pace someone in a race?

Yes.  I pace my younger kids in their road races but I would pace someone older too.

10.   Do you still eat a high protein diet?  I haven’t seen any posts about it in the last few weeks?

Yes, my apologies.  I’ve been busy with work and life and everything to write up so more decent posts.

I still enjoy my steak.

As always you can ask me a question on formspring, email or comment and ask…. 

Question for you:  Tell me something random about yourself. 

WIAW: Lowering those Carbs

As promised for WIAW, here is a post (I believe last Thursday) of everything that I ate.  This was a pretty optimal day for me, I got in a lot of protein and fat, and minimal carbohydrates.  On this particular day, I also didn’t eat any ice-cream or sweets (which I do maybe every other day…every two days).  With that being said here is what I had that particular day. 

And to answer you r question Chuck, I do infact know how many carbohydrates I have daily.  I have an entire spreadsheet devoted to them to email back and forth to my nutritionist.

For breakfast I had peanut flour pancakes.  Peanut flour has saved me from ever having protein powder again (and for having pancakes).  I have pancakes and have my protein+fat+a few carbs.  I honestly don’t know what I would do without it…actually on days I don’t-I normally have eggs.

Who would take a guess that these had 42 grams of protein.


Lunch (my lunch is normally exactly at 11…I can’t wait past that..I’m starved!) was this pretend omelette I made.  Pretend because my omelette flipping stinks so it becomes scrambled eggs with vegetables and cheese in it.  I really like to have a lot of eggs daily, this post might not show it but for me eggs are like liquid gold.

Topped with some red pepper and ketchup (duh)

Snack was Chobani Greek yogurt+2 tablespoons of peanut butter.

I should have put the peanut butter at the top so you would know I wasn’t a dirty liar.

I liked it so much, I had a bonus round again 2 hours later.  (You can refer to the photo above for ease…)

For 5pm Dinner, my mom was making crock pot chicken (my absolute favorite).  I opted for the nonrice and bread version and as I explained in a previous carby post I added kale+mushrooms+garlic gloves+egg plant (why not?).

For 8pm dinner (why not?) I just found some left over steak and corn and ate it with ketchup.  Because who doesn’t love a bulging protein belly at 8:30pm?

I hope that entertained you as much as it did for me. 😉  If you have any more requests, feel free to email me at lolzthatswim at gmail

Questions for you: Do you eat at night?  What time do you eat dinner? 

Carbohydrate Questions Answered

As promised, here is to answering all of ya’ll’s questions about lowering my carbohydrates for me.

Did you go through a lethargic period?

Yes, I answered this last week as well but it is so important.  For a few days, I couldn’t even get 1500 calories (when running 10+ miles daily) to sit well in my stomach.  I fully expected that.  I did not force more food down my throat.  I ate 1500 calories, ran, still felt full and moved on with the day.  (Under calories by a lot) Then 3-4 days later, it’s like my body just 100% adjusted and I became hungry.  So hungry.  In the fact that I ate probably over 4000 calories (So over calories by a lot).  I was just eating, eating, eating.  I didn’t ignore that either.  Then finally after a week of crazed eating, my body adjusted and I eat about 2500 calories daily.

Did you go cold turkey, (meaning straight to 150 grams in one day?)

I slowly eased into it.  So my body wouldn’t feel shocked.

I know you said you didn’t lose any weight, but do you think it’s possible to lose weight doing a high protein/low carbohydrate diet?

I know a lot of people that have lost a lot of weight eating high protein/low carbohydrate.  I think the key is getting a lot of fats and staying full.  I personally eat more calorie dense foods, but there are plenty of ways to cut calories and stay full while eating high protein.  There are plenty of ways to cut calories with a “normal diet” too…whatever that is.

Will you be doing a daily eats post? 

Yes, on Wednesday-it’s all typed out.   :)

Were you nervous about putting it on the blog?

So nervous.

Honestly, I could have been yes.  I’ve gotten countless emails that I’m underweight and should eat this or that (I’m not underweight and eat enough to fuel myself).  I also hate talking about food/weight in general because everyone is different and what works for me will not work for everyone else.

Do you think this is something you could maintain on the off season?

I’m not sure when my actual off season will be (HA! ;)  But I do know that the majority of people that eat a low carbohydrate/high protein and fat diet are not athletes so yes.  I might even be able to lower my carbohydrates even more!

Does your family approve?

Well, I’m 21 years old.  My family is always supportive of me, I don’t know why they wouldn’t be.  I normally eat family meals with them.  Instead of having noodles and chicken, I’ll have more chicken over vegetables.  It’s actually really easy to make swaps and not call so much attention.

Perfect example…steak and kale…

If you have more questions ask away, feel free to email me at lolzthatswim at gmail.  Or ask privately here.

Question for you:  Does your family approve of your food choices?  (I thought that was an interesting question.)