16 Miles of Doom

No I did not bike 16 miles.

Wouldn’t that really be doom?


I ran 16.25 miles on Sunday for my long run.  That is a new length distance record for me by 2.5 miles.  Assured-I did it extremely smartly too.  As I could have run Monday because my legs don’t hurt.

Also something I didn’t do.  (I am learning this whole running thing slowly).

I ran today too and felt awesome, but anyways.

Don’t worry, I am just as shocked as you are.  I have no doubt spent countless 2 hour practices of swimming, but never ever in my wildest dreams would I imagine I would spent over 2 hours running on trails, on hills, and on the side of the road like I was running from the police.  Just kidding.  I spent it running with one of my closest friends at school.  The man who taught me that there are more races than 5ks (thank the high heavens).  Who has run most of my half marathons with.  Basically Justin is fantastic.

He runs marathons often.

He jogs marathons often.

He mostly just spends time on the Arctrainer in the gym though.

I would be lying to you if I said Justin probably could knit pick my brain better than 99% of people I know.  I could call him and be like Justin, I don’t want to go out to the bars tonight because I want to jog at 6 am and he would always respond with okay pick you up at 5:55. Similarly, he says Hollie I’m staying at your house over winter break so I can run a 50k race near your house.

Fine with me.  My parents might think I have real life friends.

It’s just how we roll.


Right then.  So I had to choose the perfect oufit to do my long run in.  By had to choose, I mean I need to choose to do laundry and this was the only one I had left.  I had lovely photos of it, but this one just shows how technology stupid I am.

And yes I wear my hair like that when I run and no it doesn't get in my face (it's too nappy for that).


So anyways, we were off to the neighboring town (because I’ve logged way to many miles up in this town for a long run).  By neighboring, it was 10 minutes away.

We had originally decided that we would run for roughly an hour and a half.  I have a weird mental block against running by myself longer.  I don’t know why-but I get super nervous like I’ll drop dead or something if I run for over 1:30 in a training run. We all have mental fears mine is running for long times, birds, and getting so lost that you never make it home.

But we got to life talking and chatting.   And talking…and chatting…and running…and talking…and chatting…and still running.  See where I’m going with this?

It was at 1:31.  I was alive and we kept running.  I took a momentary stop and talked about how cool we were.  Justin is the type of fella that does not stop running.  He doesn’t take stretching breaks, stop light breaks, or you know…nap breaks.  I needed to take this moment to congratulate myself (what..you don’t do that?)

Around 1:50, I began to become cracked out.  Like I had the creepiest smile on my face, I had bulging eyes, I was running through the woods (passerbyers seemed to run further and further on the other side of the trail).  But I finished.

During this time, I thought to myself one day I’ll be capable of running a full marathon.  It made me excited.  I made my goal to conquer the half first (ie: run a sub 1:30) then move on up to train for a full.  I seemed reasonable (in my mind at least).

And I haven’t been this proud of a run in a long time. 

So Justin and I went to my favorite place ever afterwords.  The Balgary!

Where I put down a cookie bigger than my head in all of five minutes (maybe..but I’ll go with 3 minutes).

What...you don't take photos of yourself with hugh jass cookies?

So after my not so pleasent running experience on Saturday, I had the best running experience on Sunday.  Funny how life works like that.  It should stop living my life in my own world…oh wait.


Enjoy this photo of our last race. I seem to somehow miss the "sexy pose" every single time.

Question for you:

What mental blocks have you gotten over recently?


  1. I’m so proud. We’re going to make a marathoner out of you! Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a good long run. Though my favorite runs are generally in the hour to hour and a half range.

    I think it’s good to do things that scare you. Recently I’ve done lots of things like that: taken voice lessons, did a swimming clinic, started swimming in a big girl pool, taking ballet, doing 108 sun salutations. My next big mental block is being a safety runner for my friend James during his 50 Mile trail run in Chattanooga in December. Me? Trails? In the dark? For 20+ miles? Should be fun, if I don’t trip and break a leg.

  2. Congrats on the distance! Running is definitely a mental sport! I ran 4.8 miles a few weeks ago with not a whole lot of training (so it was far for me), but just by telling myself I could do it, I did it!

  3. Wow, 16 miles is awesome! It must have been great to run with a friend too. When I decide to run a marathon, I’m gonna recruit a friend, so I don’t have 3-4 hour long runs alone.

  4. omg i just got really excited… after we graduate…we can do marathons together..that way u can never not be my friend anymore

  5. I see a future marathoner! man that’s one long run I have yet to go beyond 12.4miles!
    Huge ass cookie is a good way to refuel/treat yourself after that run 🙂 You just motivated me to push myself to run longer distances once I can run again.

  6. I ran 17 this Saturday solo my longest ever and every mile I counted down, “just 16 more…just 15 more” It somehow feels more manageable and since I didn’t have a friend to keep me company I listen to books!

  7. that mileage is BEAST. It’d be super cool to run a marathon some day but I went to the drs about my foot situation and basically that probably wont ever happen but oh well!

    huge cookie is perfect post long run fuel haha… hugh jass reminds me of the time I mistype hugh jackman as huge jackman while talking to someone. haha oh booy. awkward.

  8. Nice run Hollie! Arc trainer dude is still cranking out those gym hours…? I’m a real life friend too, remember!

    I got over my mental blocks today and crushed it! Thanks for being there for me!

    And you ran in that outfit? I thought it was freezing there?

    What’s your half marathon PR?

  9. Hollie…I am SOOOOOO SOOOO SOOO happy for you 😀 You totally ROCKED that run & I LOVE that you have someone to run with..especially someone that understands you & that you truly ENJOY his company. GO YOU! 😀
    Now, please just move to FL so that YOU can run with ME!!!

  10. Wow lady I am IMPRESSED! 16 miles is absolutely ridiculous, in a good way 🙂 I did my longest run recently, 14 and was ready to die by the end of it.. another 2 might have killed me! I know a bit dramatic haha
    That is so great you enjoyed it too and found someone to run with that helps push you!

  11. Dang girl thats awesome – I really want to run a full marathon as well, but working up to that distance isn’t going to be easy. I just did a half marathon in 1:32 and I felt great – like I could run a marathon, but I know that it takes a lot of time/patience especially since I do not want to get an injury!!!!!!
    But great job – 16 miles is an awesome distance

  12. 16 miles is a very long distance (for me)….that is awesome that you ran it! you go girl!!

    my longest distance is a half marathon race

  13. You are fantastic. Seriously. I’ve never run that long or that far in my life. I think I’ve run like, 1:29 at most. I’ve always wanted to go further though, so I am slightly jealous, but even more proud of ya. I wish I had running buddy that was as awesome as Justin. I have people that I could talk to like that, but they don’t run so they’re slightly less cool in my book.

  14. 16 miles is an uber long run. My longest was my half and I haven’t done that since, lol. Granted that was 2 hours and 8 minutes of running. I commented on your photo earlier about the briefs and the XC pic, but that is such a cute pic of you and your teammates! And that massive cookie looks like perfect post-run recovery food!

  15. You know you’ve made pancakes that can dwarve that cookie.

    Girl? I have no idea how you do it. I’m not an athlete but I wanted to say Hi.
    And maybe you ARE bringing a new sexy back.

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