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Another week, another Thursday.  Last week was Thanksgiving so I skipped posting a Thinking Out Loud post…I didn’t stop thinking though…ha (That was such an embarrassing joke…forget that I said it).

Anyways speaking of Holidays, this will be my first Holidays working in retail.  It’s certainly a difference experience.  I actually don’t mind at all and it makes the day go by quickly when you have dozens of people at the store.

On the blogging front, as the Holiday’s come closer I’ll be the first to admit several companies have reached out for promotion on LOLZ blog. 

Does this mean I’ve made it in the blogging world?  No, probably not but the Holiday season brings lots of businesses to advertise and have more of a budget.  Working in retail I can see that first hand.   I don’t even know what “making it” in the blogging world means.  Is it making it a full time job, becoming twitter and Instagram famous?

blogging meme

While I’m still a member of the Sears Holiday blogger team, I have been approached by a couple of other companies I genuinely have liked beforehand.  I’ve also turned a few companies down that don’t mesh well with my personal believes.  (I won’t be promoting anything I haven’t t tried before or wouldn’t buy myself).

Since I could not make money (this month) without blog readers, I am going to stay completely honest with you!  And as most of you know I don’t rely on blogging for money.  I also work at a local running store.  Blogging will never be my full time job for three reasons.

  1. My spelling and grammar are both awful. It’s important to know your weaknesses and those are mine.  I would need to hire an intern or an editor.  My writing is exactly like my personal voice (in real life).  I write like I talk versus in a professional manner.  (Think if a chicken got it’s head cut off and is running around crazed…that’s how my brain operates sometimes).
  2. I am boring 75% of my life

blogging meme 1

3. I can’t sit still for more than an hour so typing hundreds of posts is not my interest. I would not be able to have a job staring at a computer screen all day.

Kudos to those who use their blogs as full time work but I love my running store job and wouldn’t give it up.  I think I’m doing awesome because I might make 200 dollars from blogging this month.  That’s 200 coffees!

Speaking of Holidays, I haven’t really even started my Christmas Shopping yet.  Sorry family.  I’m waiting for 200 dollars so I can buy you things.  Kidding of course…I do feel like family is the hardest to buy for.

This weekend we are going out to get Holiday lights to decorate.  I’m pretty excited for that.

One thing I’m trying to do on the media front is grow my facebook page.  It seems like facebook pages are their own separate communities.  A lot of people have facebook pages but not blogs, etc.  I normally post daily memes that share my sense of humor, blog posts links (mine or someone elses)…so if you want that to spam your minified (or if you want to link it and then unfollow posts) that would be awesome.

I guess this kind of turned into me thinking out loud with blogging.  I’ve always been completely honest with myself, readers and lurkers.  To me it’s seems silly not to be honest, if you are making money from blogging it wouldn’t happen without readers.  They should be the first to know!  I’ve debated doing a monthly post about it but we will see.  I always enjoy reading about “big blogs” and how they turned it into a full time job (mostly because I’m nosy into people’s lives…).

On that note I’m off to work. 

Questions for you:

Have you worked in retail before?

What is one random thought you have today?

Asics Nimbus Review

Another shoe I have been running consistently in is the Asics Nimbus.  I purchased the Asics Nimbus before actually beginning to run.  I knew I wanted a maximum cushion heavy shoe.  While I had thought about the Brooks Glycerin (a shoe I dabbled in the Spring) I don’t care for the update on that shoe.  I had tried on the Asics Nimbus at work and decided that would be a shoe I would return to running in.

Photo taken from the Asics Website

asics nimbus

As always, experiences with running shoes are based on your personal gait, style and preferences of shoes….just because I think a shoe is awesome doesn’t mean you will too.  (That being said, I think the Asics Nimbus is awesome).  I bought the shoe and Asics did not request for me to post about this.  I have no incentive to post. 


Length wise, the shoe runs pretty true to size.  I wear a 9.5 in other brands…in Asics I also wear a 9.5.

Right off the bat, I would recommend seeing how you like the wide version of the shoe.  My only complaint is that I wish it ran a little wider.  The shoe is rather narrow.  It isn’t a problem for me since I could purchase a wide but I can see it being a problem for some people.

Overall feeling while running:

How I feel post running (via instagram)
How I feel post running (via instagram)

As most people I know, I ran in the Newtons for a while.  I supinate and run pretty far on my toes. I have always liked a cushioned shoe and I feel like the Asics Nimbus has a lot of cushion in the forefront as well as the heal.  That is just my personal opinion though.

I like the feeling of the firm yet soft gel underneath.  As opposed to the Hoka (which is soft and “pillow like”, these shoes are much firmer. I actually feel like (possibly because they are heavier) that I’m getting more support from the Asics Nimbus.  I honestly like them a little bit better.

Treadmill: I’ve run a few times on the Alter G.  They felt fine but as I have said before, who really knows with the Alter G.  I’ve also run once on a “normal treadmill”.  I had no issues and felt supported.  They felt cushioned and I didn’t feel like my shins were crying.

Alter G Treadmill

Pavement: I love that I cannot actually feel the pavement.  I feel like I have a lot of cushion under my feet (something I feel like I desperately need).  Since they are so firm, my turnover stays pretty normal.  (I don’t feel like I’m sinking into the shoe and slogging)

Grass: I’ve run on trails a few times in the Asics Nimbus.  They felt good and well cushioned.  I don’t remember tripping.

The Asics Nimbus (in my opinion) is a great shoe.  While it’s pricey (150), it’s worth it to me because I feel much more protected and cushioned.  (And due to the cushion, I’m not paying a deductible to insurance after running in them…ha) It’s a great shoe and one I wish I would have found earlier.

(I’ve run about 100 miles in this shoe and it will stay a staple in my running for a while).

Who would I recommend this shoe too?

Neutral runners who like extra cushion.  Someone that runs in the Brooks Ghost or Glycerin, Saucony Ride or Triumph or any Hoka model.  Also in my personal work experience, it seems to fit orthotics pretty well.

Have you run in the Asics Nimbus?

This is my first experience in it and I wish I had found it sooner.  I run in the Asics Nimbus and have been cross training and working in the Asics Cumulus (both I purchased).  I think Asics did a great update to both shoes.

Fitness Magazine #FitblogNYC

Last week I was honored to participate in Fitness Magazine’s “blogging meet and tweet”.  I drove up the night before and stayed at Amelia and Danielle’s house because it would have been quite the commute from South Jersey.  If they were not kind enough to allow me to sleep on their comfortable sofa (which I’ve decided I’m going to buy one exactly the same for my house…), I wouldn’t have gone.  I’m not commuting 3+ hours to get into the city.  I hate driving an hour, let alone driving, taking a train and then walking.

We got into the city around 9:30.  It was a bit overwhelming to head in during rush hour time. The Fit Blog NYC, was hosted inside a really nice (and made me jealous) fitness center.

I went into NYC during rush hour was terrifying.
I went into NYC during rush hour once…it was terrifying.

I met several awesome people I’ve been “following” for years such as Laura (Mommy Run Fast), Amanda (Miss Zippy), Erica Sara and Michele (NYC Mama).  Wow, I met so many people and learned so much…but where to begin?

Laura and I
Laura and I
Amanda, myself and Michele
Amanda, myself and Michele (Pretend I hadn’t just spilled coffee on my pants…embarrassing…but at least giving people a real glimpse into my life)

We were provided with breakfast.

Breakfast.  Danielle giving the thumbs up

After consuming half of the breakfast buffet by myself, I mingled and listened to several speakers.  The speakers were all interesting.  My favorite talked about the female athlete triad as well as running injuries.  (When she was talking about stress fractures, I resisted the urge to wave my hand).

As someone who has worked with those diagnosed with mental and physical health issues, it was so interesting to me. She talked a lot about eating disorders and their correlation to fitness blogs.

I plan to do another blog post dedicated to this very topic soon: but not having your period is not normal (no matter how athletic you are).  One thing I miss about working in a public health setting is educating people on overall health and wellness.  It is something I would like to get back too.

After lunch (so sorry no photos, such a blogger failure) we visited various booths and tables by the sponsors of the event.  We received a lot of great items.

I’ll be honest that my favorite booth were the Hokas.  First, we got a free pair of Hokas.  I’m a runner and free running shoes are awesome.  Second, I’m coming off a stress fracture and was going to buy a pair of Hokas to alternate with my Asics Nimbus anyways.  So when they said we were getting a free pair, I thought my next step was to get a lotto ticket (edit to add: I bought a scratchcard and didn’t win).

Lisa and I

With my moving I kept most things in the bag they gave us. Thankfully Laura took some great photos…I’m going to blame it on moving but in reality I am not as fancy to take great photos like these.

As well as the Hokas, there were also quite a few beauty and personal use items they gave us.  While I’m not a beauty blogger and don’t have any “beauty routine”, it was nice to receive these items too. If I find any products I especially like then I will be sure to share them!  They are all great products but I don’t have a lot to compare them too.

Beauty and Health Items
Beauty and Health Items

After browsing the booths a panel of bloggers talked about negative criticism, etc.  Of course not everyone is going to like you.  That being said just because someone leaves a negative comment doesn’t make them a “jealous blog hater”.  I think feedback (both good and bad) is important to blogging.  That’s just my opinion though.  One quote that really stuck with me was: “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach that exists but there is always going to be someone that doesn’t like peaches”.  I want to write a post sometime about constructive criticism and blogging.  Long story short, I don’t really think that people publicly bash you because they are jealous of your life. Going to Fitblog gave me a few post ideas.

We left with a very large gift bag.  To be honest, I felt both overwhelmed and excited by all of these “free things”.  The event was free and now they were giving me all of these items.  I felt guilty that companies were just giving me things just because I blog.  That being said I was extremely grateful too.   I am sure I will like most of these great products and I’ll share some of my favorites.  After I take more time to get to use some of these products, I’ll write a post sharing my favorites.

I had never been to a “blogging event” so this was a new experience for me.

Running and fitness Gear
Running and fitness Gear

So long rambling short, I had a great time and I will hopefully be back next year. I don’t even know who I am anymore…I’ve been to NYC twice in a month.  I honestly cannot take credit though because Danielle has led me into the city giving and allowing me to follow her like a lost dog.  I know for a fact I wouldn’t have made it into the city without her or Amelia.

Questions for you:

Have you ever been to a blogger meetup?

Are you a urban or suburban type of person? 

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