Sunburnt Review

Sunburnt Review

Recently I tried Sunburnt. As a runner and someone who enjoys getting outdoors, protecting your skin in the sun is important. I try my best to stay protected before, during, and after outdoor activities. Skin damage and cancer runs in my family so staying on top of skin health is important and essential to me.

This post is sponsored by SunBurnt, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Sunburnt Review

What is SunBurnt?

SunBurnt was developed by clinicians. It instantly cools, soothes, and nourishes the skin. Unlike other aloe gels and sun lotions that leave your skin feeling sticky, SunBurnt’s formula is designed to absorb quickly and leave skin feeling smooth.

What makes SunBurnt different?

  • Natural: SunBurnt botanical formulas combine antioxidant-rich extracts, including organic aloe vera, calendula, coconut oil, cucumber, echinacea, and algae.
  • Hydrating: An independent clinical study shows SunBurnt Gel increases skin hydration by 20% after 7 days of use.
  • No parabens, sulfates, phthalates, dyes, or glycols.
  • Dermatologist-tested, hypo-allergenic, and can be used for daily usage for healing dry or cracked skin.

Sunburnt Review

My Experience SunBurnt Daily Moisturizing Lotion:

SunBurnts Daily Moisturizing Lotion is “much more than aloe”. It’s infused with a nourishing blend of botanicals. It brings moisture back to dry and damaged skin. According to SunBurnt, it’s both instantly soothe and non-greasy.

There are also no sulfates, parabens, glycols, pegs, phthalates, or dyes.

When using SunBurnt Daily Moisturizing Lotion, I didn’t feel any grease or clogging of pores. As someone with sensitive skin that is prone to acne breakouts, I didn’t have that issue. I found the moisturizing lotion did exactly what is mentioned. Since I also swim, I found my skin is in much better condition. The chlorine dried out skin so much so it’s nice  (thankfully).

Sunburnt Review

My Experience with SunBurnt After-Sun Gel:

As I mentioned before, I try my best to stay protected in the sun. SunBurnt’s After-Sun Gel products are designed to provide instant relief for sunburns, but it’s much more than aloe. So what does it do?

  • Instant Soothing Relief for Sunburns.
  • More hydration, less stickiness. SunBurnt gel is shown to increase skin hydration by 20% without residue.
  • Alternative to Lidocaine: Many aloe vera creams use lidocaine. Sunburnt is 98% natural.
  • It does NOT contain sulfates, parabens, glycols, phthalates, dyes, fragrances, or alcohol.

A few weeks ago, I found myself sunburned after a long run. I “had only” run two hours, but there wasn’t much shade. I try my best to stay protected, but I wasn’t protected enough. I found the SunBurnt After-Sun Gel to reduce the redness, and I actually didn’t peel at all! Thankfully.

Sunburnt Review


I appreciate how natural SunBurnt products are and that they do exactly what they claim they will. My skin already feels much healthier, and it’s only been a few weeks.

You can try SunBurnt for yourself here.

Questions for you:

How do you stay protected from the sun?

Have you tried SunBurnt before?