Athletic Brewing Stout Review

Athletic Brewing Stout Review

Recently I tried the Athletic Brew Stout. These days, nonalcoholic beer is becoming more popular, which is fantastic. My first job out of college was working in public health on a college campus. We did a campaign centered around “it’s okay not to drink.” A decade ago, it felt like not drinking was “strange.” Now, that’s not the case, and nonalcoholic drinks and copycats are becoming more prevalent. But some are better than others.

I’m not a stranger to Athletic Brewing as a brand and I wrote a review of some of their more popular flavors here.

Athletic Brewing Stout Review

About Athletic Brewing:

Athletic Brewing makes nonalcoholic beer you want to drink, and it’s brewed with the same ingredients as regular beer. It’s been featured in several magazines and media, such as Thrillest and Outside.

But is Athletic Brewing Stout good?

Athletic Brewing was founded in 2018 by John Walker and Bill Shufelt. They wanted to create a nonalcoholic beer that didn’t taste stale or gross. It took over two years to formulate the right formula. Athletic Brewing now features fermented beer with a .5% ABV.

They don’t just make beer; they now make hops-infused sparkling water and merchandise. But the bread and butter is beer.

About Athletic Brewing Beer:

Athletic Brewing now makes five different craft beers and seasonal and limited editions. I tried three out of the five, and I’m looking forward to eventually trying the other two. They all have less than 100 calories and taste the most similar to the beer of any nonalcoholic drink I’ve tried.

So why nonalcoholic beer?

It’s like decaf coffee. This is a good option if you like beer’s flavor and don’t necessarily want alcohol. Or maybe you don’t want to drink. There aren’t many nonalcoholic stouts that exist, like Athletic Brewing Stouts.

How is Athletic Brewing Made?

It’s made similar to standard Brewing but with 12 different updates. They purposefully stayed away from the traditional nonalcoholic brewing methods. According to their website, their innovative, proprietary method of brewing beer without alcohol.

Athletic Brewing Stout Review

About the Athletic Brewing Stout:

They have a few different flavors of the Athletic Brewing Stout, and I tried:

All Out Stout:

The Athletic Brewing All Out is a bold and stout-inspired brew. It’s light and smooth with lead notes of roasted nuts and dark coffee. Regarding actual “tasting like stout,” the All Out Stout tastes the most like beer of any nonalcoholic stout I’ve tried. It doesn’t taste like watered-down coffee as many seem to.

Lodge Life:

I was super curious about the Athletic Brewing Lodge Life. The Lodge Life is made to be a fireside brew with cinnamon, vanilla and cacao nibs. Upon taking a sip, the first thing I noticed was how cinnamon-flavored it was. Even though it said that, I was not expecting it to be so strong. I found it to taste good but not overly powerful. It is definitely a unique nonalcoholic beer, but I am a fan.

I like both the Lodge Life and the All Out Stout. I think the All Out Stout is my favorite of the two, but they are both good.

Athletic Brewing Stout Cost: $14.99 for a six-pack

Athletic Brewing Stout is not “cheap,” but it’s not too expensive either. It’s pretty comparable to regular beer.

Athletic Brewing Stout Review

Athletic Brewing Stout Conclusion:

If you are looking for a nonalcoholic stout, the Athletic Brewing Stout is a great option. They are the closest to the regular beer of anything I’ve tried. They taste like traditional beer without alcohol, which is often welcomed. Not much else to say; it’s a good product, and if you are looking for something along those lines

You can purchase Athletic Brewing Stout here and see all gear reviews here.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried the Athletic Brewing Stout?

What is your favorite type of beer? 


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  1. Interesting read. Ironically you are the second person to put this on my radar. Who will be the charm? After I posted a photo of a surfer during Ian, someone tagged him. He is the local brand ambassador for Athletic.
    Now you.
    I will order a six pack of the IPA to try. Guess I will follow up.

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