CEP Ultralight 7/8 Tights Review

CEP Ultralight 7/8 Tights Review

I was excited to try the CEP Ultralight 7/8 Tights Review. I’m a big fan of CEP already and have had a dozen pairs of compression sleeves and socks throughout the years.  I’ve written several posts about CEP and compression in general, including:

CEP Ultralight 7/8 Tights Review

About the Brand CEP:

It’s designed to prepare, perform, and commit to all of your training. CEP Compression creates true, targeted compression that helps to improve blood flow and circulation to keep your legs energized throughout the toughest of runs, workouts, or hikes.

There is an actual difference between compression and medical-grade compression. To meet medical grade compression, the compression must meet specific requirements:

First, the compression product must provide “gradient compression.” This means the fabric acts like a pump and exerts stronger compression furthest away from the body. Then slowly loosens as it gets closer to the center. Gradient compression improves circulation and allows blood to return more efficiently.

Just as importantly, the compression must be medically effective. Too loose doesn’t do anything, but thought can cut blood flow.

CEP Ultralight 7/8 Tights Review

About the CEP Ultralight 7/8 Tights:

The CEP Ultralight 7/8 Tights are designed to be the closest, most lightweight, and most athletic leggings you’ve ever worn. CEP claims you can wear them on a summer run or hot yoga class. Honestly, it is a tough sell for me to want to run in leggings in the summer desert. They feature a high-rise drawstring waistband and bright stretch supportive fabric on top. The ultralight mesh starts mid-thigh and runs to the bottom for breathability.

Features of the CEP Ultralight 7/8 Tights: 

  • TIGHT FIT technology for muscle/joint stabilization
  • Breathable and Ultra-light fabric
  • Mesh for increased ventilation and cooling
  • Hydrocool treatment
  • High-waisted, drawstring waistband
  • Zipper pocket on the back (it will hold a cell phone without being annoying)
  • Open front waistband pocket for small items
  • 7/8 length (I’m a full legging or Capri length person myself, so this was a fun change)

CEP Ultralight 7/8 Tights Review

My Experience with the CEP Ultralight 7/8 Tights:

I was excited to try them out. I ordered the size small. Typically I’m small, and they fit well. They weren’t too compressive, so I felt like I couldn’t move around. They were actually a lot less tight than I thought they would be.

But there was enough compression to feel like it was doing something. I never got around to running in them during the desert summer. Yes, you can, but I didn’t want to be in the desert. I started wearing them when our lows were in the 70s. I will sometimes wear them after a workout or run.

Occasionally I’ve also worn them during a run. They feel good, and you don’t have to worry about them falling down. They aren’t a legging I would wear for formal or work because they are lightweight and thin. Do I care when I’m working out? No. But you can see through them if you plan to wear them with a shorter top for a more formal event. They also “look extremely” sporty, so they aren’t the legging for work-related things.

Do I think the CEP Ultralight 7/8 Tights compression works? I feel better when I wear them, especially if I wear them post-run or strenuous workouts. In all, I am a big fan. While I don’t think they are the magic thing to make you recover faster, they help promote blood flow,w and I feel better when I use them.

CEP Ultralight 7/8 Tights Review

Cost: $109.95

The CEP Ultralight 7/8 Tights are $109.9,5, which isn’t much different than other leggings,s but the CEP Ultralight 7/8 Tights medical-graderadee compression.

CEP Ultralight 7/8 Tights Conclusion:

I am a fan of the CEP Ultralight 7/8 Tights. You can wear them for any workout without feeling like they compress or prevent blood flow. They are one of my favorite leggings to just lounge around in.

CEP Ultralight 7/8 Tights Review

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Questions for you:

Have you tried the CEP Ultralight 7/8 Tights?

What is your favorite piece of compression?