Paka Socks Review

Paka Socks Review

Now that it’s getting cooler out, I was excited to try Paka Socks made out of alpaca fur. Many of my socks are now old and need replacement, so I’m always looking for the next latest and greatest thing. If there are two things you can never have enough of it’s socks and underwear.

Paka Socks Review

About the brand Paka:

Paka socks were founded in Peru. The mission is all-natural and multipurpose clothing for people who enjoy the outdoors. They do so by innovating alpaca fiber and other materials which are healthy for the environment. How was Paka formed? In 2015, a backpacking trip through South America started a thought process for Paka Socks.

While in Peru, the founder, Kris came across a hand-woven sweater that a local weaver had made out of alpaca fur. When he returned home, he was asked by several people where they may get one too. It started another trip to immerse himself in Peru culture, leading to the birth of Paka socks. You can read more about the Paka Socks story here.

Paka Socks Review

About Paka Socks:

What makes Paka Socks Different?

  • Signature Triple-Sole Cushion
  • Side ventilation mesh
  • Tightened compression arc
  • Anti-blister all-day comfort, zero odor

Materials: 41% Baby Alpaca Fiber, 8% Bamboo, 50% Recycled Nylon, 1% Spandex

It was interesting to learn why made out of alpaca fur—Alpaca fur is thermoregulating. Alpacas evolved in the Andes, where they can have temperature swings of 70+ degrees. It’s also 3X lighter than sheep’s wool. Another benefit is that water retention is 8%, whereas sheep wool is around 20%. Finally, and maybe most interesting, it’s hard to make alpaca fur smell. If this is all true why aren’t more brands using alpaca fur?

Paka Socks Review

My Experience with Paka Socks:

I was most interested in the Paka socks, not smelling. Could I really wear them a week straight without them smelling? Sizing, I usually wear a women’s size 10-11 shoe, and I found the size medium to fit well. Generally, provide fit true to an extent without being too tight or complete. Paka Socks are a great choice inside.

Suppose you are looking for a plus choice. They feel plush without being too heavy or bulky. Plus, they don’t take up a lot of space in the shoe.

Comfort-wise, I was wondering if they would be itchy, but they are not. I’ve run several times, including hard runs, inclement weather, trail runs, and regular run,s and I have yet to have them get soggy or cause blisters.

Finally, do Paka Socks really prevent odor? They definitely stink less than many pairs of socks I’ve used and worn. I don’t think I would say they are 100% odor free, but they are up there (I am too nervous about putting them to the 7-day test). If you have, I would be curious to know, but they definitely smell less.

Paka Socks Review

Cost: 3 pack for $42

Paka socks are not the cheapest ones out there but not the most expensive ones either. Especially if you compare similar wool socks (like Feature,s), which often go for $15-$17 a pair.

Paka Socks Conclusion:

In all, I am a big fan of the Paka Socks, which are an excellent option for socks. I’ll be purchasing more as my sock collection dwindles. They are odorless and comfortable for every type of run and workout I’ve done. Who knew alpaca fur was so great? I’m also curious to try some of the other Paka gear because they make sweaters an,d hats that seem super cute and comfortable.

Paka Socks Review

You can purchase Paka socks here and see all gear reviews here.

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