The Cracked Egg (Las Vegas)

Cracked Egg Las Vegas

Before our flight in Las Vegas, we went to the Cracked Egg. We were looking for a breakfast spot to fill up before our flight across the country. The Cracked Egg looked good, and it is off the beaten path of Las Vegas, so you don’t have to worry about it being crazy crowded. The Cracked Egg is a family-owned business with five locations in and around Las Vegas (although one has a Henderson address).

Cracked Egg Las Vegas

Cracked Egg Atmosphere: B

The Cracked Egg is located in a shopping center. It’s in an outdoor strip mall and attached to other buildings. We had a hard time finding it at first because of the tinted windows. Inside, it’s one large room with a few dozen booths and tables. There are fun egg-themed memorabilia on the wall. It’s not anything super unique, but it has a fun vibe.

Cracked Egg Las Vegas

Coffee: A

The coffee was brewed hot and fresh. What more do you need?

Cracked Egg Las Vegas coffee

Cracked Egg Food: B

As the name suggests, the Cracked Egg menu has plenty of egg options, but they have so much more. It reminds me of Egg Plantation in Santa Clarita. You think it will only have egg options, but it has more.

A few things that stood out to me on the Cracked Egg menu:

  • The Carnitas: Seasoned Pork, Grilled Onions, Bell Peppers, Chile Verde Salsa, Cilantro & Jack Cheese topped with Sour Cream

  • The Cracked Croissant: Our breakfast sandwich! A Croissant with two Eggs in any style, choice of Cheese, and Choice of Ham, Bacon, or Patty Sausage. Served with Seasoned Potatoes or Hash Browns

  • Tropical French Toast: Classic French Toast grilled with Toasted Coconut and Macadamia nuts, topped with sliced Bananas

  • The Grilled Turkey Pesto Ciabatta: Sliced Turkey, Spinach, Tomato, Muenster Cheese, and Pesto Spread.

You can see the full Cracked Egg menu here.

I decided to order the Cracked Croissant because it sounded like their specialty. I ordered it with bacon and overhard eggs. I was fairly disappointed when it came out because the croissant was soggy and flat. It tasted just ok. It was not the worst breakfast sandwich I’ve had, but it was not the best either. It was edible but mediocre.Cracked Egg Las Vegas

The Cracked Egg Service: B

Our waitress was super friendly and by far one of the best waitresses we’ve had while dining out. Our food took quite some time to come out, but the waitress apologized several times.

Cost: $

For my sandwich and coffee, it was $20. It was one of the more expensive for value ratios in a diner I’ve had recently.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back to the Cracked Egg?

My meal was just ok. I’m hoping maybe they had an off day. I’m interested in trying several of their options. The Cracked Egg has five different locations, so it would be fun to try a different location and see how it compares.

Atmosphere: B

Coffee: A

Food: B

Service: B

Cost: $15-20

Overall: B

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