Ciele FSTVisor Dual SC Review

Ciele FSTVisor Dual SC Review

I was excited to try a Ciele FSTVisor Dual SC.  In simple terms, the Ciele Visor. I am already a fan of the Ciele BKTHat and wear that often so I was excited to try the visors for summer running.

Ciele FSTVisor Dual SC Review

About the brand Ciele:

Ciele was founded in Montreal, Canada, in 2014. The founders, Jeremy Bresnan and Mike Giles, found they were missing the hat they wanted in their own life. Both with a background in design wanted a project to work on together. As runners, they decided they wanted to focus on a product they could run in.

I also appreciate that each season they continue to transition away from first-use polyester. They work with factories to find reculed and considered solutions in as many cases as possible. In 2020, over 80% of Ciele caps were using between 30%-100% reprieve recycled polyester from unifi!

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About the FSTVisor Dual SC:

  • lightweight, fast-drying performance-ready COOLwick™ fabric
  • Machine Washable
  • Made from repreve recycled performance fiber.
  • UPF +40 protection on the brim, front panel, and back panel.
  • pliable SOFTcurved pre-curved brim that makes it easy to pack
  • reflective detailing on the front, back, and under brim
  • 58 cm. adjustable and stretch. one size fits most.
  • Weight 50 grams.
  • Made for people who run

My Experience with the FSTVisor Dual SC:

I’ve been looking for a new visor for summer running. Most hats get too hot in the desert. I want to protect my face but not at the cost of overheating. I haven’t found a visor that I *like*. Immediately trying the Ciele FSTVisor Dual SC, I found it stays put, and I don’t have to worry about overheating or moving around. Why is finding a visor that doesn’t move around so difficult?

The Ciele FSTVisor Dual SC doesn’t do any of these things. It’s a breathable visor that stays put. What more do you need? I have a relatively average-sized head, and it fits easily, but you can also adjust it.

I also like that I can pack it in my bag without worrying that it’s going to ruin the brim or stretch it out. It’s probably the most packable hat I own and you don’t have to worry about ruining the shape.

Ciele FSTVisor Dual SC Review

Cost: $40

While the Ciele FSTVisor Dual SC is slightly more expensive than competitors, the quality is there.

Ciele FSTVisor Dual SC Conclusion:

I’m a big fan of the Ciele FSTVisor Dual SC, and I’ll continue to use it. While the Ciele Visor is more expensive than competitor brands, the quality is there. I’m looking forward to running many miles this summer and staying as cool as possible…but really aren’t we all?

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Questions for you:

Have you tried the Ciele FSTVisor Dual SC?

What is your favorite visor? 

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