Four Corners Restaurant (Tracy, CA)

Four Corners Restaurant (Tracy, CA) ham

While driving back to Edwards, I stopped at the Four Corners Restaurant in Tracy, CA. I am always looking for new diners and this seemed to fit the bill. Tracy is a small town and this diner definitely reflected a locals place. They are known for their chicken and their family-sized meals.

Four Corners Restaurant (Tracy, CA)Four Corners Restaurant Atmosphere: B

If you are looking for an old, metallic, rustic diner, this isn’t it. But if you are looking for a locals place where it’s clear many people are regulars, this is definitely it. The diner itself is located on the corner. There is nothing but farming fields around and are about 5-10 parking spots.

Inside, the place is hopping. When we arrived, almost every table and booth was taken. There were about 10 spots to sit and it was clear everyone was a regular.

Coffee: A

The coffee was strong and tasted good. There was nothing overly special about it, but it tasted good and I have no complaints.

Four Corners Restaurant Food: A

There aren’t a lot of “fancy” options at Four Corners Restaurant in Tracy but there all of the regular options you expect to find in a diner. Steak and eggs? Check? A few pancake options? The standard sandwiches like a BLT? They do even have a few salad options which surprised me too!  Finally, they have a lot of family options that include meals for four or more. That is kind of fun and I wish more restaurants did that! You can see the full Four Corners Restaurant menu here.

I decided to order the ham and eggs. I don’t remember the last time I’ve had ham and eggs at a restaurant so it seemed like a fun idea. When I saw the size of the ham, I was shocked! To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what I was expecting but the ham was massive. It was like a holiday ham. I could barely finish it. The eggs were good and I have no complaints. In all, my meal was good.

Four Corners Restaurant (Tracy, CA) ham

Four Corners Restaurant Service: A

The owner of Four Corners Restaurant was rough around the edges but friendly. When we arrived, it was fairly clear we weren’t locals but everyone was friendly and the food was ready quickly.

Cost: $

For my breakfast and coffee, it was $13. Which for all of that food is a great deal.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back?

I enjoyed the Four Corners Restaurant in Tracy. It’s a great stop right off the highway. If you are looking for a local diner with plenty of options, it’s a good stop.

Atmosphere: A

Coffee: A

Food: A

Cost: $8-15

Service: A

Overall: A

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Questions for you:

Have you ever had ham and eggs at a restaurant? 

What is the most small-town diner you’ve been to?