Snooze (Del Mar, CA)

Snooze (Del Mar, CA)

I was excited to go to Snooze in Del Mar. It’s not the first time I’ve been to a Snooze. My first visit was in Denver, Colorado, in 2017. While in the Del Mar area, we decided to head there for brunch. Snooze is also known as “Snooze A. M. Eatery”.

Snooze (Del Mar, CA)

Snooze (Del Mar) Atmosphere:

We headed to Snooze at the busiest time of the week, brunch. So, of course, there was a long waiting list. My brother’s spouse put us on the waiting list at home. It was kind of cool you didn’t have to go there and put yourself on the waiting list. Anyway, we arrived around 10 am, waited another 15 minutes, and then were sat outside.

Snooze in Del Mar has an equal amount of outdoor and indoor seating. It’s located in a modern shopping center. The vibe is retro, colorful, and fun. While it’s not the stereotypical metallic diner, it does resemble an old diner.

Snooze (Del Mar, CA)

Snooze (Del Mar) Coffee: A

I ordered my signature whipped cream in coffee. The coffee tasted good and had plenty of whipped cream. I couldn’t have asked for better coffee.

Snooze (Del Mar, CA)

Snooze (Del Mar) Food: B

The Snooze in Del Mar menu has many fancy diner options, but you aren’t going to find everything you would in a classic diner. Plus, they are only open until 2:30 pm, so no dinner options. With the pandemic, the menus are contactless, and you can find the full Snooze menu online. I was looking through the Snooze menu and had no idea what I wanted. Everything is so modern and fancy! They have a small “plant power” menu with a tofu scramble, among other things. Of course, they have pancakes and eggs and a couple of sandwiches. If you are looking for salads, they don’t have them.

I ultimately decided to get the LEO scramble with nova lox, eggs, capers, and toast. The meal was good, and the nova lox tasted great, but I could have used more. If you are looking for large portion size, this is not it.

Snooze (Del Mar, CA) nova lox

Snooze (Del Mar) Service: B

Our waitress at Snooze (Del Mar) was friendly. The restaurant 3was clearly busy, and it took a while to come back. We asked to split the bill, and when she came back, she said the machine didn’t do it. She said she could retry, or we could just Venmo. I found it to be kind of strange. It felt like she didn’t want to deal with us anymore, so she gave up. We ultimately just worked it out between us.

Cost: $$

Snooze is definitely one of the more pricey diner experiences. For my LEO scramble and coffee, it was $18. Do I think it was enough food for breakfast? No, but it was good.

Snooze (Del Mar) Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back?

I liked Snooze in Del Mar. It’s a good restaurant with good food, but I could have definitely used more. If you are looking for a good brunch spot, Snooze is a great option. If you are looking for a big portion spot, you might want to look elsewhere.

Atmosphere: B

Coffee: A

Food: B

Service: B

Price: $14-20

Overall: B

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Questions for you:

Have you been to Snooze (Del Mar)?

What is your favorite restaurant for brunch?


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