Road Tripping with Zone Perfect Bars

Road Tripping with Zone Perfect Bars

Due to a move and getting settled in, we’ve been traveling a lot. Often times, I find myself hungry at odd hours, so it’s been important to have snacks on the go. I like ZonePerfect Bars because you can find them at Dollar General, which has been easy to do while moving across the country.

Our days, schedules, and lives have been anything but routine. That seems like the theme of this year, though. Since many people have opted for traveling via car this year, I thought I would share a few tips I use for staying healthy on a road trip. This isn’t limited to healthy eating, but overall wellness when on the open road too. Wherever you are in your fitness and nutrition journey, ZonePerfect Bars can fit in.

Why ZonePerfect Bars?

You can find ZonePerfect Bars at Dollars Generals around the country. Moving from East to West, there have been plenty of Dollar General stores along the road.

ZonePerfect Bars have up to 15g of protein and taste great.

They sit well in the stomach. I’ve been able to eat one and be running within minutes with no stomach aches or cramps.

Plus, ZonePerfect guarantees you will love the taste of their bars. If you don’t, they’ll give you your money back!

There are two categories of ZonePerfect Bars:

ZonePerfect Macros Bars: All ZonePerfect Macros Bars have 15g protein, 1-2g sugar and 18 vitamins and minerals. They have a balanced blend of macros. While I don’t count macros, many people do, so that is reassuring!

ZonePerfect Classic Bars: ZonePerfect Classic Bars have up to 15g protein, up to 19 vitamins and minerals and no artificial sweeteners.

At Dollar General, ZonePerfect Bars are also on Sale:

ZonePerfect Macros Bar buy 2 for $3

ZonePerfect Classic Bar buy 2 for $2

A Few More Tips to Staying Healthy While on a Road Trip:

Don’t Text/Social Media and Drive. Don’t do it now or ever. There is no excuse.

Wear Sunscreen. You can burn in your car! Typically you’re more likely to get burned on your left.

Pack Snacks: If you pack snacks like ZonePerfect Bars, you’re less likely to stop. We saved both time and money by already having packed snacks.

Pack Water: We travel with a gallon of water in our car to save time and money while traveling.

Make Sure to Stop: This year it is daunting to travel during a pandemic. Stop at gas stations and rest stops when necessary. But to stretch the legs, find a nice park or outdoor spot to stop. This ensures you stay safe.

Keep a First Aid Kit: You never know when you’ll need it.

Take a Break When Tired: There is no shame in stopping and taking a break or crashing at a hotel early. In college, I once needed to stop 90 minutes from my house because I became an unsafe driver. It’s okay, and remember to choose the safer option.

Thank you to ZonePerfect Bars for sponsoring this post. Whether you are trying to stay healthy while on a road trip or just want a healthy snack, ZonePerfect bars are a great option. Plus, ZonePerfect Bars are accessible and on sale at Dollar General stores across the country.

Questions for you:

How do you stay healthy while on a road trip?

Have you tried ZonePerfect Bars?


  1. Honestly I find it hard to stay healthy while on a road trip. There’s always the temptation of fast food stop overs along the way and also hoarding junk food from the convenience store! HAHA! But I do have to keep in mind to pack healthy bars like this! 😀

    1. It can definitely be hard. We’ve been on the road for essentially a month so we need to figure out quickly.

  2. oh wow this bar sounds so interesting and tasty one..glad you shared this review with us..well heard about it for the first time…

  3. When we do road trips, we bring fruits with us and lots of water. It is hard to be dehydrated while on the road.

    1. So true. It’s a tough balance too, you don’t want to drink too much and have to stop more LOL.

  4. I am definitely a nutri bar kinda person when I feel like snacking. And that just looks delicious!

  5. I haven’t tried a Zone Perfect bar, but you are right it can be challenging to eat healthy on the road. I like that they will give you your money back if you don’t like them.

  6. Thank you for the details regarding how we can stay healthy even we get traveling or road tripping. We love to buy that classic bar because of the protein that gave a lot of energy in our body.

  7. I love these bars. They are my favorite meal replacement or augmentation bar. When I first started racing in 2005 I would eat them before my races.

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