Lola’s Diner (Park Ridge, IL)

Lola's Diner (Park Ridge, IL)

On my journey across the country, I decided to stop at Lola’s Diner in Park Ridge, IL. I knew I wanted to stop at a diner in Illinois to check that off. Sadly, many Chicago diners were either closed on Tuesdays or closed due to COVID. I stumbled upon Lola’s Diner just outside of Chicago and near the airport.

Lola's Diner (Park Ridge, IL)

Lola’s Diner (Park Ridge) Atmosphere: C
We planned to get takeout anyway, but when we went inside to pick up the food, the only people wearing masks were employees. While there were signs that said, you must wear a mask; I watched as a few parties came in without masks. If I had been eating in the restaurant, I would have walked out.

The inside of the Lola’s Diner is typical of a diner. There are plenty of shiny tables, chrome interior, booths, and the kitchen can be seen from the restaurant.

Lola's Diner (Park Ridge, IL)

Lola’s Diner (Park Ridge) Coffee: B
I ordered a regular coffee from Lola’s Diner and it was good. It was brewed, hot, and fresh. There wasn’t anything unusual about it but it tasted good.

Lola’s Diner (Park Ridge) Food: A
Lola’s Diner menu has everything you want in a diner. There are plenty of breakfast, lunch, and dinner specials. If you’re craving a greasy breakfast, Lola’s Diner has that. If you want something healthier like an apple pecan salad, Lola’s Diner has that too. I was in the mood for a BLT so I ordered a BLT with french fries.

Lola's Diner (Park Ridge, IL) blt

The BLT tasted good and it came with crinkle fries, which I liked. The meal was excellent.

Lola's Diner (Park Ridge, IL) blt

Lola’s Diner (Park Ridge) Service: B
The manager at Lola’s Diner was friendly and our food was ready as soon as I got there. I am disappointed but that it didn’t seem like they were enforcing masks.

Lola’s Diner (Park Ridge) Cost: $
For the BLT and coffee at Lola’s Diner, it was $10.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back?
I liked Lola’s Diner in Park Ridge and thought the food was delicious. I am nervous about going into a restaurant that doesn’t seem to be enforcing the mask policy as much.

Atmosphere: C
Coffee: B
Food: A
Service: B
Cost: $5-12
Overall: B

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Questions for you:

Are they enforcing masks where you are living?

Do you like BLTs? 


  1. I lived down the street from this diner for two years, have been following your blog for a while and couldn’t believe it when I saw that you went to Lola’s!!! I only ate there once, but the food was quite tasty ☺️

    1. That is awesome Mel and I appreciate you commenting! Do you still live in the greater Chicago area now?

  2. Hollie,
    I’ve been to this diner and I have to agree their food is great. With the ongoing legal struggles in IL, many restaurants and establishments are struggling to enforce the masking policies. While I understand your concerns from what I’ve been seeing around the medical community and the states with required masks aren’t seeing the supposed benefits from requiring them, so I WILL be going to Lola’s again when I am at my Aunt’s and Uncles next! 🙂

    1. That’s interesting Lindsay. Coming from NJ, we were required to wear masks and while it wasn’t the only reason NJ was able to begin to combat the virus, we were able keep cases decreasing. Although, there is still a lot not open in NJ like gyms!

  3. Not sure how you are supposed to wear a mask when eating in a restaurant.

    1. In states that require a mask, they want you to wear it when entering the restaurant and when moving around like going to the restroom, paying, etc.

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