Arlington Diner (North Arlington)

Arlington Diner (North Arlington)

Arlington Diner (North Arlington)

The Arlington Diner in North Arlington, NJ, has been on my diner “to do” list for a while. In New Jersey, it’s known as one of the best with one of the most iconic lights out there. I’ve wanted to go for years! Wow, time flies that I can say I’ve reviewing NJ diners for “years.”

Arlington Diner (North Arlington)

Anyway, when I was in North Arlington, the time finally worked out and we decided to go.

Arlington Diner (North Arlington) Atmosphere: A

The Arlington Diner has one of the best atmospheres of any NJ diner. The exterior has all chrome with a huge: “Arlington Diner” sign. The inside is everything you expect in a diner; there are plenty of booths, tables, a full-length bar and even several jukeboxes at various tables.

Arlington Diner (North Arlington) Coffee: A
The coffee at the Arlington Diner was good. The waitress brought out a few refills and it tasted good.

Arlington Diner (North Arlington) coffee

Arlington Diner (North Arlington) Food: B
The Arlington Diner menu has everything you picture in a diner. There are all plenty of breakfast, lunch and dinner specials. Plus there are several pages of salads and healthier options too.

Arlington Diner (North Arlington) greek platter

I decided to split the Greek Sampler platter with the table and it was something. The greek platter came with olives, tomatoes, onions, feta cheese, anchovies, and pita bread. It felt as though the cook just slapped some things together, and added hunks of feta cheese. It was okay, not great and I wouldn’t order it again.

I was craving a salad and decided to order the grilled mushroom salad with salmon. The grilled mushroom salad came with portabella mushrooms, mixed greens, mozzarella, sundried tomatoes. After the Greek Sampler platter, it wasn’t sure what to expect, but the salad was good. It was actually one of the better diner salads I’ve had recently.

Arlington Diner (North Arlington) salad

Arlington Diner (North Arlington) Service: C
The waitress at the Arlington Diner seemed as though she wasn’t having the best day and she was ready to leave. Our food came out relatively fast, but it wasn’t the best diner service I’ve received.

Arlington Diner (North Arlington) Cost: $$
The Arlington Diner is expensive. For the salad, Greek Sampler, and coffee, it was $30. The Greek Sampler alone was $11, which was expensive for the amount of food and quality of food.

Would I Come Back to the Arlington Diner (North Arlington)?

I liked my salad at the Arlington Diner and I thought that component of the meal was decent. Did I think it was one of the best NJ diners? No, but I would come back to give it a second chance.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: A
Food: C
Service: C
Cost: $15-20
Overall: B

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