Main Street Diner (East Brunswick)

Main street diner east brunswick

Main Street Diner (East Brunswick)

Amelia, Danielle, and I were looking for a diner somewhat in the middle of north and south jersey. The Main Street Diner (and now Pizzeria) seemed like a good bet.  The reviews looked good, and the photos were fine.

Main Street Diner (East Brunswick) Atmosphere: C
When we arrived to the Main Street Diner, we were the only people in the restaurant. That’s how it stayed the entire time! It’s a tiny diner that fits about ten parties. There are a few booths and a few tables. The booth we sat in, we cramped, but it was the size of all of them. The Main Street Diner could use an update.  It’s clean, but it’s outdated.

Main street diner east brunswick

Main Street Diner (East Brunswick) Coffee: B
The coffee was brewed hot and fresh. There wasn’t anything special about it, but it wasn’t bad either.

Main street diner east brunswick

Main Street Diner (East Brunswick) Food: A
When I arrived for dinner, I had no idea what I wanted. Did I want breakfast? Lunch? Or the unique pizza option? The Main Street Diner menu has a little bit of everything. They have all of the diner specials and well as the unique pizza.

I initially ordered pork chops but they were out, so I decided to order the chicken souvlaki instead. It was a stuffed pita with chicken, lettuce, tomato, and Tzatziki sauce.  I was feeling healthy, so I ordered a side Greek salad as well. The dressing was one of the best I’ve had in a while, and the souvlaki was stuffed. My meal was great.

Main street diner east brunswick

Main Street Diner (East Brunswick) Service: A
The Main Street Diner is unique in that when we came, the hostess was also the waiter, chef, and part owner. It was a one-person show! I can only imagine how tough that can be when it was busy, but he was friendly and great. We had a delightful experience.

Main Street Diner (East Brunswick) Cost: $
For my meal and coffee, it was $12.

Overall Thoughts/Summary of the Main Street Diner (East Brunswick):

In all, I had a great experience at the Main Street Diner in East Brunswick. I wasn’t sure what to think of it at first, but it was a pleasant experience, and I’ll be back.

Atmosphere: C
Coffee: B
Food: A
Service: A
Cost: $8-16
Main Street Diner (East Brunswick) Overall: B

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Question for you:
Have you ever been the only party in a restaurant?


  1. Looks like the food (the most important part) won you over! I probably would have been a little hesitant going into a restaurant where there was only ONE person working all of the restaurant roles but it seems like the owner figured it out! Do you think that there haven’t been updates to the diner because the restaurants isn’t getting enough business? Also, it seems like you get greek dishes a lot … do you have family that was from Greece?

    1. I think they probably get plenty of business. He said he was more busy for lunch hour and did a lot of takeout. I don’t have any family from Greece, but I do appreciate Greek dishes. Many diners actually have Greek roots though

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