Roundabout Diner (Portsmouth, NH)

Roundabout diner portsmouth nh

Roundabout Diner (Portsmouth, NH)

I recently said on Instagram, but one of my goals has become to go to a diner in every state.  Yes, they do exist!  I’m not obsessed with the goal, but it allows me to see various parts of the country.  Am I ever going to spend thousands to go somewhere to go to a diner?  No, but if I am in the state, I’m going to go.

During my brief trip through New Hampshire, I decided to stop at the Roundabout Diner in Portsmouth.  It’s located on a Roundabout in Portsmouth, NH. The Roundabout Diner is also known as the Roundabout restaurant in Portsmouth New Hampshire.

Roundabout Diner Atmosphere: A
The Roundabout Diner is precisely where you would think it is, on a roundabout.  It’s also attached to a Best Western Hotel which makes for a great stop if you are driving somewhere and need to stop for the night.  That’s precisely what we did.

Roundabout diner portsmouth nhThe diner has everything you picture in a restaurant.  The interior is retro, with plenty of metallic signs, and memorabilia.

Roundabout diner portsmouth nh

Roundabout Diner Coffee: A
The coffee at the Roundabout Diner was brewed hot, and fresh.  One thing that impressed me was the New England logo mugs.  In all, it was an excellent coffee.

Roundabout diner portsmouth nh

Roundabout Diner Food: A
The Roundabout Diner menu has everything you would want in a diner.  There are plenty of comfort food favorites on the Roundabout Diner Meny including breakfasts, lunch, and dinner options.  Since it is New England, they did have plenty of Lobster options as well.

A few Roundabout Diner menu options that stuck out to me:

  • Pigs Fly
  • Grilled Cheese made with phantom gourmet melted swiss cheese on marbled rye
  • Thick cut home fries and waffle fries
  • Vermont maple syrup (and it’s warm syrup)
  • Sugar Cured bacon
  • Cage free eggs
  • English muffins with whipped butter
  • Baby spinach salads
  • Muddy River
  • The Roundabout Diner brunch is also well known in New Hampshire!

After scouring the Roundabout Diner Menu for a few minutes, I opted for the “Pile Up Burger” sandwich because it was one of the “staple” choices.   It came on Sourdough bread with 1/2 lb. Burger, pulled pork, turkey, ham, bacon, cheddar cheese, egg, slaw and Russian Dressing.

Roundabout diner portsmouth nh

It was a lot of food.  I finished the majority of it and saved the rest in our hotel fridge.  There are only a few diner meals I haven’t finished before!  So the Roundabout Diner is unique in that way!

Roundabout diner portsmouth nh

Roundabout Diner Service: A
On a Friday night, the Roundabout Diner was busy.  The waitress was moving between tables, and we could see her working extremely hard.  I was impressed, but she made time for every single table.

Roundabout Diner Cost:
For my burger and coffee, it was 20.  For the amount of food, it was a good deal.

Overall Thoughts/Summary of the Roundabout Diner:
In all, I’m pleased with my food, and I have no complaints.  It is in the top 10% of diners I’ve been too ever (in NJ or out of state), and I have no complaints!

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: A
Food: A
Service: A
Cost: $8-15
Roundabout Diner Overall: A

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