Queen City Diner (Allentown, PA)

Queen city diner allentown

Queen City Diner (Allentown, Pa)

Recently I was in the Allentown area.  As I mentioned on my hiking at Hickory Run post, I wanted to get through Philadelphia area traffic early.  It also left me with plenty of time to try a new diner.

Queen city diner allentown

Queen City Diner Atmosphere: B

The outside of the Queen City Diner is that of a typical diner.  There isn’t a lot about the Queen City Diner that is unusual, but it is old, metallic, and shiny.  The inside resembles the quintessential diner with plenty of booths, tables, and even a salad bar.

Queen city diner allentown

Getting inside the Queen City Diner was difficult because many people were congregated and waiting in the doorway.

Queen City Diner Allentown PA

Queen City Diner Coffee: A

The coffee at the Queen City Diner was good.  One thing I appreciated was the fact they left a pitcher of coffee so I could manually refill it myself.  That ended up being great because the waitress didn’t come around much.

Queen City Diner Allentown PA

Queen City Diner Food: B

The Queen City Diner menu has everything you would typically want in a diner.  There are plenty of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.  Since it was around lunchtime, I decided to order an omelet.  It came with both hashbrowns and toast.  The omelet itself was good and was stuffed with plenty of filling.  The toast took an extra 10 minutes to come out after the food, which was frustrating.

Queen City Diner Allentown PA

Queen City Diner Service: D

To preface the waitress was nice but food took entirely too long to come out.  I think we were in the diner for over an hour.  When the food came out, it came out at different times.  One of my “pet peeves” is when food comes out at very different times.  I dislike when I get my food 15 minutes before someone else or vice versa.  The entire diner just seemed disorganized.

Queen City Diner Price: $

For my omelet and coffee, the cost was $10.

Overall Thoughts/Summary of the Queen City Diner:

The Queen City Diner wasn’t the worst diner I’ve been too, but not the best either.  The problem was the disorganization with food orders and the waiting time.  I would come back to see if I just hit it at a wrong time.

Atmosphere: B

Coffee: A

Food: B

Service: D

Price: $8-15

Overall: C

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Questions for you:

Do you have a restaurant “pet peeve”?

What is your favorite type of omelet? 

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  1. This diner looks really retro-ish and your whole review reminds me of mine and Clay’s breakfast this morning at Waffle House. They brought out Clay’s food, then burnt my original waffle, offered it to me burnt (seriously), and when I said it was too dark, took forever to bring me another one. It’s really a shame, because I like that particular waffle house.

    Clay was actually done with his food and I hadn’t even gotten my waffle. It is always a crappy thing to have happen, because the other person usually feels bad for eating while someone else is waiting, but otherwise their food would get cold.

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