Jackson Hole Diner (Englewood)

jackson hole diner englewood nj

Jackson Hole Diner (Englewood)

Last month, I found myself in Englewood around lunchtime, so I decided to stop at the Jackson Hole Diner. The Jackson Hole actually has a few locations in NYC and one in NJ.

I heard the Jackson Hole Diner (Englewood) was a good stop.   I wasn’t starving, but I didn’t want to get stuck in traffic over the George Washington Bridge and be starving.

jackson hole diner englewood nj

Jackson Hole Diner (Englewood) Atmosphere: A
The Jackson Hole is a nostalgic diner. The outside is metallic and shiny, and the inside has multiple booths, tables, and a full-length bar. It’s much bigger than I thought. I ended up sitting in a back room that I didn’t realize even existed.  To get to the backroom, you cut through the bar.  In the backroom of the Jackson Hole Diner (Englewood), you can see there is a downstairs which I think is just a staff room, but I’m not sure.

jackson hole diner englewood nj

Jackson Hole Diner (Englewood) Coffee: C
The coffee took a long time to come out, and I didn’t receive any refills. It was a decent coffee but nothing ordinary. jackson hole englewood nj

Something that did save the Jackson Hole was the orange juice had a lot of pulp and looked as if it was fresh squeezed.

jackson hole englewood nj

Jackson Hole Diner (Englewood) Food: B
The Jackson Hole Diner menu has plenty of options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

A Few Jackson Hole Diner (Englewood) menu items that stick out:

  • Veggie delight wrap
  • Marinated chicken breast
  • Multiple different types of burgers
  • Multiple types of omelettes and pancakes

I wasn’t starving and decided to default to a Greek Salad. The salad at the Jackson Hole Diner (Englewood) salad was cheap and filling. The Greek salad sat on a bed of lettuce and they had their own home made dressing. I always appreciate when any restaurant uses home made dressing. It wasn’t massive but good for what I needed for the day. It could have used more toppings as well as pita bread, but other than that, it was good.

jackson hole englewood nj

Jackson Hole Diner (Englewood) Service: D
Our waiter disappeared for long periods of times, and we never received refills. I wondered if we were forgotten about because we were in the back corner.

Jackson Hole Diner (Englewood) Cost: $$
For the salad and coffee, it was $18, which was a bit pricey for the amount of food.  The salad was one of the cheaper lunch and dinner options, though.

Overall Thoughts/Summary of the Jackson Hole Diner (Englewood):
I liked the Jackson Hole Diner (Englewood) and I thought it was decent food. It was right in the middle of diners as they go. I do wonder how the New York Diners compare and I might try and go to one.  If I come back, I’ll make sure it’s when I’m more hungry and want to try something new.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: C
Food: B
Service: C
Cost: $10-20
Jackson Hole Diner (Englewood) Overall: B

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Questions for you:

Do you like orange juice or juice with pulp?

What is the worst traffic you’ve ever sat in?

There was once a fire on the Delaware Memorial Bridge, and they forced everyone to exit the turnpike at exit 4.  Every single person was single filed through the toll booth, and it took over 90 minutes to go 10 miles.

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  1. I laughed when you said you weren’t starving but didn’t want to GET starving…seriously the WORST feeling!
    Definitely enjoy orange juice with pulp…it just gives it something extra!
    Worst traffic would probably be any trip to Chicago on a weekend…pretty much a guarantee it will be terrible!!

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