the point diner fairview nj

The Point Diner (Fairview)

The Point Diner (Fairview)

Recently I went to the Point Diner in Fairview, NJ.  I was in the area, and it looked like a great diner. Not to be confused with the Point 40 Diner in Monroeville.

the point diner fairview nj

The Point Diner (Fairview) Atmosphere: B
When I arrived at the Point Diner around noon, it wasn’t crowded; in fact, there were only a few other parties in the restaurant.  The hostess put me in the corner, which was okay, but I felt as though it was kind of weird and isolating.

The Point Diner has an outdoor patio, which makes it unique.  Inside there is a full-length bar, small dessert case, and plenty of booths and tables.

The Point Diner (Fairview) Coffee: B
The coffee was good, but I could have used more.  Being in the corner, I think the waitress forgot about my table often.  I liked the coffee, and it was hot and fresh.

the point diner fairview nj

The Point Diner (Fairview) Food: B
The Point Diner menu has everything you want or need in a diner.  They have a lot more breakfast menu specials that many diners, including more omelets, eggs, and french toast.  The Nutella french toast sounded intriguing.  They also have plenty of lunch and dinner options too.

the point diner fairview nj

I decided to order the steak benedict, which was good.  Often times diner steak is rubbery, but the steak at the Point Diner was good.  The meal came with hash browns which tasted like regular hashbrowns.

The Point Diner (Fairview) Dessert: A
I decided to get a split cookie to go.  The cookie was good. I ate it about halfway through my hike at the Palisades.  If the cookie tasted lousy midway through a hike, you know it was terrible to start with.

the point diner fairview nj

The Point Diner (Fairview) Service: B
While the waitress at the Point Diner was friendly, I felt as though sitting in the back made her overlook our table frequently.  I could have used more drink refills.  I was surprised about the length of time it took for food to come with how quiet the restaurant was too.

The Point Diner (Fairview) Price: $
For my breakfast, coffee, and cookie, the cost was $13.

Overall Thoughts/Summary of The Point Diner (Fairview):
I liked the Point Diner and would go back.  I thought I was a good diner and in the top half of diners I’ve been too.

Atmosphere: B
Coffee: B
Food: A
Dessert: A
Service: B
Cost: $10-23
The Point Diner (Fairview) Overall: B

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Questions for you:
Where is the best restaurant steak you’ve had?