The Diner (Jamesburg)

The Diner Jamesburg NJ

The Diner (Jamesburg, NJ)

With a name like “The Diner,” it must be good, right?

A few weeks ago, my good friend Christine and I met at “The Diner” in Jamesburg.  It just so happened to be Christine’s birthday too!

The Diner (Jamesburg) Atmosphere: A
The Diner (Jamesburg) is very different than any other NJ diner I’ve been too.  It’s located on the main street of Jamesburg, and you feel as though you’re entering grandmas kitchen.  It even has a front door resembling a house. The inside is all hardwood floors with wooden chairs and tables.  While it’s not a stereotypical, diner, it’s nice, and I appreciated it.

The Diner (Jamesburg) Service: B
Our waitress at The Diner was friendly. However, it took her a while to come back to our table for refills and a couple of requests.

The Diner (Jamesburg) Coffee: B
The coffee was good.  There was nothing unique about it, but it was decent diner coffee.

The Diner Jamesburg NJ

The Diner (Jamesburg) Food: A
The Diner (Jamesburg) menu has most everything you want in a diner.  They have plenty of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  They even have fajitas.  I did, notice, they were missing a large selection of seafood (which is usually common in diners).

There was also a handwritten page specials.  When I saw a Greek Salad with soup and a dessert for $11.50, I knew I couldn’t beat that price. Originally I wanted something else that would have cost $20+.

The Diner Jamesburg NJ

When the waitress mentioned split pea soup, I knew it was the soup for me.  Split pea soup is one of my favorite soups (next to lentil), and when it’s offered, I take advantage.  The soup was good, and I have no complaints.

At The Diner (Jamesburg), both Christine and I ordered the same Greek Salad and were pleasantly surprised by the size. Generally on the specials menu, meals are smaller, but the salad was one of the bigger ones I’ve had.  Plus it had both chicken and sardines.

The salad at The Diner (Jamesburg) was one of the better Greek diner salads I’ve had.  Special or not, the salad was good and one of the cheapest diner salads I’ve had to date.  It is hard to beat.  Plus the garlic bread was delicious.  Typically greek salads come with pita, and while I missed I like pita bread, the garlic bread was a great substitute.

The Diner Jamesburg NJ

The Diner (Jamesburg) Dessert: A
For dessert, I opted for bread pudding, and I must say it’s in the top diner bread puddings I’ve had too.  The Diner Jamesburg NJ

It wasn’t extremely mushy or soggy and still had the texture of the bread. I was surprised by that too, especially, for it on the specials menu.

The Diner Jamesburg NJ

The Diner (Jamesburg) Cost: $
For my meals and coffee, it was $13.  That was extremely cheap for the amount of food I got at the Diner (Jamesburg).

Overall Thoughts/Would I come back to The Diner (Jamesburg)?
I enjoyed The Diner (Jamesburg), the food, price, and atmosphere is great.  I would go back to the Diner (Jamesburg).

Atmosphere: A
Service: B
Coffee: B
Food: A
Dessert: A
Cost: $8-14
Overall: A

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Questions for you:
Do you like sardines?
What is your favorite soup? 

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  1. Well, this is all very good to know! I lived literally two houses behind where that is located on W. church St. from 2010-2012 (and my grandfather still lives three houses back!)

  2. I’ve only tried sardines a few times but I actually DID like them. Maybe I should pick up a few cans and try them on a salad, I’ve never even heard of doing that.

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