Marvis Diner (Wildwood)

Marvis Diner Wildwoods

Marvis Diner (Wildwood, NJ)

Recently I celebrated my 150th New Jersey diner.  After asking several people where I should go, it all went out of the window because both my husband and I had off of work on the same day.  We had always wanted to go to the Wildwoods, so we settled upon the Marvis Diner.  

Marvis Diner Atmosphere: B

The Atmosphere of the Marvis Diner is typical of any beachy New Jersey shore town.  The outside of the Marvis Diner is a rustic, cute, beach looking building while the inside is a large open run with several booths as well as a full-length bar.  There is an outdoor patio as well.  

Marvis Diner Wildwoods

Marvis Diner Service: A

Right off the bat, I can say the service at Marvis Diner was one of the best I’ve had.  The waitress was outgoing, funny and friendly.  She brought out plenty of drink refills, and our food came out extremely quickly.  In all of the diners I’ve been too, this was in the top 3 best services. 

Marvis Diner Coffee: B

There is nothing unique or special about the coffee, but it is good.  The waitress refilled my coffee often.  At first, she brought a small coffee mug but ended up bringing out a large to-go cup instead.  How can I argue with that? 

Marvis Diner Wildwoods

Marvis Diner Food: A

The Marvis Diner menu has plenty of options.  They have breakfasts as well as a good amount of lunch and dinner options too.  The Marvis Diner menu is about five pages long, which makes it far less overwhelming.  

I decided to go big or go home and ordered the “Jackpot,” which came with two eggs, two sausages, bacon, French toast, pancakes and tater tots.  The waitress highly recommended the tots because of how many diners have that? 

Marvis Diner Wildwoods

Yes, all of that food and it was massive.  I had run about 5 miles in the morning and finished most of everything (I took about half of the tots home).  Everything was cooked well, and I will say the French toast was one of the best I’ve had in any diner.  

Marvis Diner Wildwoods

Marvis Diner Price: $

For my Jackpot special and coffee, the price was $18.  Is it one of the biggest breakfast meals I’ve ever had in my life? Yes.  Was it good and worth the price? Also yes. 

Summary/Overall Thoughts of the Marvis Diner (Wildwood): 

I liked the Marvis Diner, and I would come back.  It’s one of my top five diners in south jersey and definitely in the top in the state.  I highly recommend the Marvis Diner (Wildwood). 

Atmosphere: B

Service: A 

Coffee: B

Food: A

Cost: $8-18

Overall: A

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Questions for you: 

Do you like French toast? 

What is the biggest breakfast you’ve had? 

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