Lacey Diner (Lacey Township)

lacey diner

Lacey Diner (Lacey, NJ)

Recently my good friend Cyd, who is also the website owner of New Jersey Isn’t Boring, and I met at the Lacey Diner.  We planned to go for the last few months, but weather and timing never worked out.

We got to the Lacey Diner for early lunch, and it wasn’t busy.

Lacey Diner Atmosphere: C
The atmosphere of Lacey Diner isn’t too interesting.  It’s located in an old shopping center and isn’t a stand-alone diner. Once you get inside, it has a few booths, tables, and a bar.  The only diner I’ve been too that’s smaller, is Angelos in Glassboro, NJ. Lacey Diner is small and cute with nothing unique or unusual.  It is, however, clean and well kept.

Service: A
The waitress at the Lacey Diner was excellent.  She was nice, refilled our beverages and was friendly.  We couldn’t have asked for a more positive experience.

Coffee: A
lacey dinerThe diner brews my favorite coffee, Lacas.  It was hot and refilled often.  The waitress also added a lot of whipped cream.  It was one of the better coffees I’ve had recently.

Food: B
The Lacey Diner menu is on the smaller side.  It is a small, front and back.  The Lacey Diner menu has several breakfast options, sandwiches, and burgers.  Will you find a very healthy option?  Probably not, but it has a real diner menu.

I decided to order the Greek Omelet with home fries.  The Greek omelet was one of the better omelets I’ve had recently. It came with feta cheese, spinach and tomato. It was big but also had a lot of filling.  The home fries were nothing out of the ordinary but not bad either.

lacey diner

Cost: $
For me omelet and coffee, the cost was $11, which wasn’t bad.

Overall thoughts/Summary of the Lacey Diner:

I liked the Lacey Diner and had a good experience.  It’s a nice, quiet, local, diner with great options.  If you’re looking for the stereotypical diner experience, you won’t go wrong with the Lacey Diner.

Atmosphere: C
Service: A
Coffee: A
Food: B
Cost: $7-12
Overall: B

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Questions for you:
What are your favorite omelets?
Do you like the beach?


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