Training: Alter G and Short Runs

running on alter g

As far as staying busy, my personal last week definitely picked up.  I was able to get a few sporadic running miles in but I didn’t do anything crazy. Like I mentioned last week, the rest of July and part of August will be busy.  I have ultimately decided to spend more time on the antigravity treadmill and run when I can.  As someone who is so injury prone, training, and running sporadically would probably create an injury.  Plus, I don’t care to run in the middle of the day outside.

It’s weird to be a fitness and running blogger, but not train for anything.  Ultimately, I have to do what is best for me, not what is most interesting. I’ll probably be able to consistently run again in the fall and then look for a goal race after that.  I’ll still workout, but nothing aggressive training wise.

For the next few weeks, I plan to cross train, run easy, or on the treadmill. Between the Alter G and a normal treadmill, I believe the Alter-G is a better fit for me so I don’t overstress my feet (my feet are extremely injury prone based on my form).  Here is a video of operating it, but I’ll have a full post later in the week…

Running inconsistently has created half of my injuries so I would prefer not to go that route. Instead, I will wait until the time is right to train for anything serious.  It’s not a huge deal and my body could use most rest.  I personally believe runners make too much of a deal of not training for anything or resting.  The world moves on…it’s just running.  But that is just my two cents.


Monday: 30 minutes running outside
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 60 minutes AlterG with 60% body weight
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 30 minutes running outside
Saturday: 60 minutes running outside
Sunday 1 hour strength class

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What are your plans for the Fourth of July?
Are you training for anything?


  1. I agree, there does always seem to be this pressure that if you’re running you need to be training for something, when really it’s totally okay to just run for no precise goal. You’ll know when you’re ready to race 🙂

    I’m not really training for anything, I am racing the Belmar 5 this weekend but have no time goal. Then I plan to do a few local 5ks this Fall and MAYBE the Seaside Half in October. Just taking it one run at a time, as long as I’m healthy, I’m happy!

  2. Totally agree. I recently took a rest from running and didn’t miss it all that much. Some things in life are my important than putting pressure and anxiety onto yourself. You’ll know when the right time to come back is, until then take it easy.

  3. I’ve never thought that you ran inconsistently? Injuries happen but I’ve been reading for years and always thought you were very consistent. Sure, you had some injuries and breaks but we all do, especially over the course of years. It wasn’t like you ran 60 miles one week and then the next week just ran 10 or something. Lots of times injuries can happen even if you do the right things and train smart.

    Also you are still a runner and a running blogger even if you’re not training specifically for anything- you are still getting some running in and real life is more important. It’s not like any of us are getting paid to run, and you still have the knowledge and experience that comes from all the years you’ve run and working in the store. But I agree- if you want to train and race, do it because YOU want to not for a blog or social media, or to fit some sort of running blogger mold.

    For the fourth… I’m running a 5K then we’ll probably grill out. Nothing too special, but the holiday is on a Tuesday and we have work the day before and after.

    1. I have actually. A lot of mileage last Spring after my PR was random and had no rhyme or reason. I’m convinced that’s probably how I ended up rolling/fracturing my ankle last year. Right now, I’m working from about 6 am-9:30 (out the door by 5:30) and then working at the Running store several days from 10-7 pm. It makes running on those difficult and hard to schedule days to run and not. I think this is just best for me.

  4. I tried the Alter-G a few years ago. It was amazing! I didn’t think I could go back to regular running!
    When I used it, my PT charged about $60 per hour. How much are you paying? Hopefully the cost has come down.

      1. 60 minutes for $60 is about the average nationwide to use an Alter-G, that was the usual rate in Chicago as well as Philadelphia / South Jersey. If you buy a package you can usually negotiate a better price as well.

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