Papermoon Diner (Baltimore, Md)

Papermoon Diner (Baltimore, Md)

Recently I finally made it to the Papermoon Diner in Baltimore, Md.  Personal friend Sarah (and once blogger), recommended it to me and I’ve been dying to go since.

I knew they had good red velvet cake, so I was already excited about that.

Atmosphere: A
The Papermoon Diner is one of the quirkiest and unique diners I’ve ever been too.  It looks like something right out of a movie.

Papermoon diner baltimore

The outside is filled with unique items ranging from a bike in a tree or garden gnomes.  It’s not a traditional big metal diner, but it definitely stands out.

The inside looks like it’s right out of the movies.  There are random mannequins, army men and dozens of odds and ends dangling from the wall.

The atmosphere is definitely one of the best and most unique of any diner I’ve been too.

Service: A
The waitress was extremely friendly and refilled everything as needed.  I couldn’t ask for a better experience.  Our food was brought out quickly and overall it was a positive experience.

Coffee: A
The coffee was brewed fresh, and the whipped cream was homemade.  It’s hard to top that except they used personalized coffee mugs.  It can’t get any better than that.  It was definitely one of the best diner coffees I have had in a while. Papermoon diner baltimore

Food: A
I was hungry when I arrived, so I ordered the hummus appetizer.  I’ve been enjoying hummus lately. It came with the largest portion of hummus I’ve received as well.  Also included were onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and a unique olive dip.  Everything tasted great and I would order it again. Papermoon diner baltimore

For my entree, I decided to order off the specials.  I had never heard of a lamb hash at a diner, so I decided to order that.  The lamb hash came with two eggs over easy, lamb and hash browns.  The meal itself was delicious! I could have used some bread, but other then that I have no complaints.Papermoon diner baltimore

Dessert: A
I knew the dessert at Papermoon was delicious so I planned to order red velvet cake.  I am so glad I did!  When I say this was in the top 5 cakes I’ve had, it was.  There was a lot of frosting, the cake itself was dense, and there was plenty of ice cream.  It’s definitely one of the best diner cakes I’ve had except Mastoris and the Jefferson Diner.Papermoon diner baltimore

Cost: $$
For my appetizer, entree, coffee, and dessert that cost was $33.  Definitely more pricey but the quality of food was high and I have no complaints.

Overall/Would I come back?
The Papermoon Diner is one of my favorite diners to date.  I don’t have any complaints, and every part was perfect.  It’s such a quirky and unique diner that I would recommend it to anyone!  In fact, I’m looking at races in the Baltimore area just so I can go back.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: A
Service: A
Food: A
Dessert: A
Cost: $15-25
Overall: A

Questions for you:
What’s the best cake you’ve had?
Do you like lamb?

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  1. Hollie! I live in DC and take day trips to B’more. I’ve gone past Papermoon…been intrigued but had plans to eat at the food stall place right across the way: “R House”…. reallllyyy good. If you’re ever back in the city. They offer a lot of neat tastes in one place. And good coffee.

    What’s the best cake you’ve had? — Orange cake with chocolate frosting- tasted like sponge candy
    Do you like lamb? – I LOVE LAMB. I got a whole pack of 6 chops for 5 bucks (on sale) last week. Was my 1st time cooking lamb myself. I seared the sides with garlic, rosemary and savory and then baked it for 10 minutes. Perfectly medium rare and juicy.

    • Oh no way! I would meet you at Papermoon if you ever wanted too Laura! It would be a fabulous reunion.

      Where did you get the orange cake? I love orange+chocolate but it’s never at restaurants!

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