Minella’s Diner (Wayne, Pa)

Minella’s Diner (Wayne, PA)

Last month I stopped by Minella’s Diner on my way home.  Minella’s Diner is only about 50 minutes from me; however, typically I prefer to stay in New Jersey side when traveling that far.

Minella’s Diner Atmosphere: A
The outside of Minella’s Diner is interesting.   The exterior appears to be a typical building.  Minella's Diner outside

It’s modern and clean, but there is nothing of interest.  Once you get inside, you can tell the nature of the diner.  Minella’s Diner has plenty of metallic siding, booths, and tables.

Minella's Diner inside

Minella’s Diner Coffee: D
This was the first coffee in a while that I wasn’t a fan.  The coffee at Minella’s Diner tasted instant and poorly made.  The whipped cream was okay though, and she gave plenty of that.  Not much else to say and after a refill, I decided I didn’t want anymore.

Minella's Diner coffee

Service: B
The waitress at Minella’s Diner was extremely friendly. She refilled our beverages and made sure we were okay, but it was evident her section was much more extensive than she should have had.  She was covering no less than 15 tables.  I felt bad because it was apparent she felt overwhelmed.

Minella’s Diner Food: B
Compared to other diners, Minella’s Diner has one of the more extensive menus.  Like most diners, there had plenty of dinner specials. They are also known for their Greek salad, but I was craving red meat. I opted for the Prime Rib special.  It came with soup, a potato, and a vegetable.

There wasn’t anything unique about the soup, but it wasn’t bad either.

Minella's Diner soup

The prime rib was delicious.  The prime rib was cooked well, and I have no complaints.

Minella's Diner prime rib

The potato was boring, and there was nothing unique or unusual about it.  I ate about half of it, but it didn’t do much for me. I also ordered the carrots which had a buttery sugared mixture poured on top.  The carrots were good, but then again, butter and sugar make everything better.

Minella's Diner carrots
A Potato and Sugar Carrots

Minella's Diner carrots

Minella's Diner sugar butter
The magic sugar butter mixture on the carrots

Dessert: A 
We asked the waitress for dessert recommendations.  She said Minella’s Diner is well known for their brownie sundae with ice cream. I can see why! The brownie was heated up with melted caramel sauce and ice cream.  I would come to Minella’s Diner for dessert alone.

Minella's Diner brownie sundae

Price: $
For the prime rib, coffee and dessert, the cost was $18.  That’s not bad at all.

Overall thoughts/Would I come back to Minella’s Diner (Wayne, PA)? 
I liked Minella’s Diner (Wayne), but it wasn’t my favorite diner.  I definitely enjoyed the dessert the best.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: D
Service: B
Food: B 
Dessert: A
Price: $10-15
Overall: B

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Questions for you: 
Do you ever ask the servers for recommendations? 
Have you ever sugared/buttered your carrots before? 


  1. Everything looks so diner-delish!

    I DO ask servers for their recs, and it’s mostly regarding dessert.

    I am from Texas — we put butter and sugar on everything.:P But really, yes for the carrots. I want to say that before my Mom got all frou-frouey about Thanksgiving and Christmas side dishes, we totally had those types of carrots on the table.

  2. I hate it when vegetable sides come with extra stuff on them, I swear I’ve had the exact same carrot situation that you had and it’s so disappointing. Carrots shouldn’t be that hard to just leave alone…

  3. I just wanted to comment and say I absolutely love your diner posts. I also hope you can get back to running and feeling better soon. <3

    1. That means a lot for you to stop by Jessica. Thank you and I hope you are having a great week 🙂

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