A Look at 100 Diners

Last week marked my 100th New Jersey Diner Review.  While I’ve been to diners in other states, New Jersey is the birthplace of the famous diners.  When I first moved to the Garden State, my goal became to go every diner before we moved.  Maybe I was bored or maybe it seemed like a good excuse not to cook.  Whatever the reason, over two years have passed and I’ve made it to 100 diners.

Maybe I was bored or maybe it seemed like a good excuse not to cook.  Whatever the reason, over two years have passed and I’ve made it to 100 diners.
With that, I decided to create the updated “Diner Paper Plate Awards.”

All Time Favorite Diner: Mastoris

Mastoris isn’t a typical diner.  It’s more of a modern and upscale restaurant, but I like their food and cake.

Least Favorite Diner: Garden State Diner, Ponzios or Stafford

Both diners had long waits as well as the food was a letdown.  Ponzios served me a salad with still frozen fish and canned pears.

Diner gone to the most times: Vincentown

I used to live closer to Vincentown.  Sadly, the quality of the food and service has gone down hill, so I haven’t been much at all.  I went from going three times a month to none.

Best cake: Mastoris (I wanted them to make my wedding cake, but they wouldn’t deliver).

Mastoris Cake
But which cake to get?

Top 5 Diners: 


Jefferson Diner

State Line Diner

Chit Chat Diner

Mustache Bills

Healthiest Diner: 

Silver Diner (it’s a chain, and there are a few across the east coast)

Best Coffee: Mastoris

Worst Coffee: Princetonian: they charge for refills!

Biggest portions: Tropicana: For $24, I received all of this food.  I had run 15 miles and still made a full meal out of leftovers.

tropicana diner


Best value: Elmer Diner (cinnamon roll)

Elmer Diner
The gem of the day

At the Elmer Diner: A Coffee, cinnamon bun, eggs, toast, and hashbrowns was $8.00.  You can’t beat that!

Most expensive: Vincentown: They charge 75 cents extra per coffee with whipped cream.  I’ve ordered a salad with salmon which costs $20+.  Every meal is going to be at least $18.

Best Decor: 

Chit Chat Diner: I love the black and white retro theme.

Tropicana Diner: It felt like a blast from the Carribean. 

Tropicana diner

So where does my diner journey go next?

For those who don’t know, there are over 300+ diners in New Jersey.  It has taken me over two years to get to 100.  I’ll continue working my way through the state.  As you can see, I’ve been to a lot of the South Jersey Diners.  Instead of being able to drive 5 minutes and try a new diner, I now have to drive 45+ minutes so the next year will be more challenging.

With that, I move to Chapter 2 of the Diner book and numbers 101-200.  Which diners should I go to next? 

Questions for you:
Have you been to any NJ diners? 
What is your all time favorite diner?

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  1. been a long time reader and being from NJ but living in Boston where there are little to no diners, i get so jealous reading your reviews 🙂 kenilworth diner is pretty friggin awesome!

      1. I’m from Cranford! There is one there (Rustic Mill) but it’s nothing to write home about! And now I’m up in Boston where NJ-type diners are scarce 🙁 So sad!

  2. I love me some diners. I actually went to the Menlo Park diner after reading your recommendation and fell in love. best matzo ball soup and disco fries I’ve ever had in my life. I need to get around to visiting more because I just love them so much. then again, what’s not to love with menus that literally offer everything and an environment where I don’t feel bad sitting to eat in my leggings and running shoes haha.

  3. Hah! What a cool milestone!! I love reading your reviews 🙂 And we have a Silver Diner here in Richmond and I love it! I’m definitely impressed with their healthy/vegetarian options!

  4. Just wanted to say Happy 100th!! That’s so awesome, I love reading your reviews! 🙂

  5. Wow 100 diners in 2 years! That’s amazing and lots of meals. Sounds like you have some adventures of driving to new diners.

  6. I like reading your blog, but I must admit that your diner reviews are my favorites. I look forward to reading many more.

  7. We have to plan our diner date at Angelo’s. My calendar is blank between 6/19-July 3rd!

  8. I went to an awful diner recently in nj but ugh, I forget the name of it now! so so terrible – it was in northern nj. One day, and I know I say this a lot, I hope you come out here to long island for the diners! I can’t even think of a bad one, they are all great. my favorites are premiere diner, landmark diner, east bay and majestic.

  9. I live in Marlboro, NJ (Central) and I loved Seville and Colonial Diner.

    I would recommend Marlboro Diner as it has a new owner and I enjoyed my meal last week! Also Gus’s Diner in Manalapan.

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