Silver Coin Diner

Last month I celebrated my 100th New Jersey Diner. While I’ve been to several diners out of state and even repeated a few, The Silver Coin Diner was my 100th different diner in the state of New Jersey.   I do plan to have a recap sometime later next week.

Both my parents and in-laws were in town and got to celebrate with me as well.  I didn’t wait for the Silver Coin to be number 100, it just happened that way!  Since it was late after work, we decided to meet at a more local diner, the Silver Coin Diner in Hammonton, NJ. A fun fact about Hammonton is it’s the Blueberry capital of the country.  It’s a beautiful local town.

Getting to the Silver Coin Diner wasn’t challenging.  It’s located right on the main road and easy to get too.

Atmosphere: F

I should preface this with the outside of the Silver Coin Diner is a cute, old shiny metallic building.  It’s a picture perfect stereotypical diner.

Silver Coin Diner

The inside has the typical diner layout of a bar, multiple booths, and tables.  You’re probably wondering, how does it fail?

The tables were on top of each other.  They were so close both the waitress and host asked us multiple times to move the position of how we were sitting so they could get around the table.  It felt like they were trying to put ten tables in a space only three should have been.  What bothered me the most was the emergency exit door was covered by another table.  If there is an emergency, you wouldn’t be able to get out of the door.

Service: C
The waitress was friendly, and she refilled our water, coffee, and food.  She made an ironic comment about “how much I ate” which I didn’t appreciate but other than the comment I don’t have any complaints.

Coffee: A
The Silver Coin Diner uses the local brew Lacas coffee.  I enjoyed my coffee and didn’t have any complaints.  The coffee was my favorite part of the experience.

Silver Coin Diner

Food: C
The menu at the Silver Coin Diner is smaller than most diners.

I ordered a Greek salad with salmon and extra pita bread.  The waitress said the salad came with pita, but I was running the next day and wanted extra.  When the food came out, it came with a small plate of bread.  I assumed I would just receive two plates but didn’t.

The salad itself was mediocre.  The salad itself was small with watery lettuce.  I wasn’t impressed and still hungry afterwords.  I felt like I could have eaten 2-3 more meals.  It was ironic because afterwords the waitress kept saying how impressed she was that I finished the salad.

What saved the salad from failing was the salmon which was cooked well.

Silver Coin Diner

If I come back, I’ll be getting just the salmon or something different all together.

Cost: $$$
For my coffee and salad, the cost was $16 which was expensive for the portion size and quality.

Summary/Would I come back?
The Silver Coin Diner was ok but not my favorite.  I was disappointed after hearing great things about it, and I doubt I’ll be back.

Atmosphere: F
Service: C
Coffee: A
Food: C
Cost: $8-15
Overall: C

Questions for you:
What’s the strangest restaurant layout you’ve been too?
Do you like blueberries?


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5 thoughts on “Silver Coin Diner”

  1. I love frozen blueberries and I never would have guessed the capital of blueberries was on the east coast. We have the raspberry capital over here in the northwest I think so for some reason I thought they’d be closer! This diner sounds like a disappointment, that sucks.

  2. I can’t wait for Jersey blueberries to get to SWFL. I’ve been to the Silver Coin, many moons ago, it was disappointing then as well.

    I’ll be in NJ for July and will have several breakfasts at the Rustic Mill Diner. I also hope to visit my fav NJ diner, Mastoris in Bordentown….great cheese bread with every meal!

  3. The waitress commented on how much you ate?! Girl, I get it. I’m training for my second marathon in a month and my hunger is on overdrive. I’m certain there are times when people see what my husband (also a runner) and I order and wonder what they heck we are thinking. Then when they see us eat it all, I’m sure they wonder where it all goes! That is totally inappropriate, even if she was trying to be funny. I think NYC has gotten to my attitude because I probably would have had a remark for her. The only time we ever had that happen was when we had the cutest server up in Hudson, NY. He had special needs and he commented on how skinny my husband was and how much he ate. We later laughed and agreed that in any other circumstance it wouldn’t have been nearly as endearing.

  4. I hate when tables are so close together that you cant walk through a restaurant. That’s one of my biggest pet peeves when eating out. How disappointing that it wasn’t a great experience for you 100th!

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