Flemington Diner

Flemington Diner (Flemington, NJ)

When I went to the Flemington Diner, it was called the Flemington-Raritan Diner. Now with new owners, it has been renamed to the Flemington Diner.

The Flemington Diner has been on my to-do list for a while, but it’s about 75 minutes north of me.  Originally I planned to go the Clinton Station Diner, but I was getting hungry and decided to stop here instead.

Flemington-Raritan Diner

Flemington Diner Atmosphere: B
The Flemington Diner is a clean, modern diner.  The outside of the Flemington Diner is typical of a traditional restaurant.  It’s not the “big, shiny” diner you picture, but the building also has character.

The inside of the Flemington Diner is clean with hardwood floors.  It’s interesting because you don’t see hardwood floors in a diner often (or ever?).  There are plenty of booths and tables as well as a full bar that spans the entire restaurant.

Flemington-Raritan Diner

Flemington Diner Service: A
The waitress at the Flemington Diner was extremely friendly, and the food came out fast.  I don’t have any complaints about the service, and the waitress was one of the best I’ve had.

Flemington Diner Coffee: A
The coffee at the Flemington Diner was brewed hot every time.  It was a darker roast, and the server added plenty of whipped cream.  I’ve been lucky with the diner coffee lately, and this was no exception.

Flemington-Raritan Diner Coffee

Food: A
Generally, I go to a diner and know what I want to order.  When I arrived at the Flemington Diner, I had no idea.  I was hungry, so I’m sure everything would taste good.  I knew the food must be decent because they also do catering.  Any restaurant that does catering is typically good.

Flemington-Raritan Diner Burger

I ordered the Texas burger.  It said it came with chili and for some reason, I assumed they meant “a chili.”  When the burger came out, it had actual chili on it.  I don’t have any complaints; it was just different from what I was expecting.  The burger was great, and the chili was burning hot, which is exactly what I like.  The presentation was off: the clear noticeable piece of cheddar cheese, but the burger was great.

Dessert: A
The Flemington Diner has a bakery located directly behind where we were sitting.

Read: I stared longingly at the cake all meal.  I had my eyes on the Black Forest cake.  The cake was dense, and the raspberry frosting was thick.  The ice cream sundae came with plenty of whipped cream, cherries, and sprinkles.  It was the perfect addition.

Flemington-Raritan Diner Black Forest Cake

Cost: $
For the coffee, burger, cake and ice cream the cost was $22 which is a great deal.

Summary/Would I come back to the Flemington Diner:
I enjoyed the Flemington Diner. I know the owners have several diners in the area, and I look forward to trying each one.

Atmosphere: B
Service: A
Coffee: A
Food: A
Dessert: A
Cost: $10-15
Overall: A

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Questions for you:
Do you like hardwood floors?
I do because they don’t get dirty as easily.


  1. That ice cream looks delicious… I would be in a sugar coma after that and the cake! Love homemade cakes at restaurants.

    1. Ha, I asked for a scoop of ice cream but they gave me the entire sundae. Needless to say, I left pretty full.

  2. That all looks delicious! I know you weren’t as pleased with the last one you tried, so glad you found a good one this time!

  3. I love hard wood floors, and that food looks amazing. Now i’m craving burgers and ice cream.

  4. Wow, what a nice diner! You’re right, it looks so modern! I have never heard of chili on a burger, but I bet it’s good. Also, that cake… YUM.

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